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Introducing The People Power Award and the first winner! October 24 2014


Have you ever seen someone doing great work and think, “Man, I wish I could give that guy an award?”

That’s exactly what happened at here at the People Power Press office when we learned about Blake Morgan and the I Respect Music project. Blake is a recording artist, producer, and label owner who has created a campaign that asks people, including the music industry, digital economy and politicians, to treat artists like professionals and compensate them fairly. He is also asking artists to show respect and pride for themselves and their work.

And he is using buttons to spread this message, which is very cool!

This is a movement that the musicians and music lovers in our office really support. And others around the world are responding too. Just follow #IRespectMusic to find out!

Blake and his work with I Respect Music have inspired us to create the People Power Award. This is an annual award we will give to a grassroots organization that is working hard to make a difference and is using buttons to spread their message.

Many of our clients are charity, not-for-profit and campaign groups.

They often ask for discounts when placing orders. We want to help all the great work being done, especially with buttons, but to be a sustainable business we are not in the position to grant everyone discounts. We are hoping that with the People Power Award, we can have a greater impact for one group.

Along with a custom six-inch button award, the winner will receive a free order of custom buttons so that they can continue to spread their message! Through our promotion of the award and the recipient's work, we can help create greater awareness for the work they are doing.

Recipients of the award will demonstrate our own values here at People Power Press. We believe in the power of people working to create positive change in the world. Buttons are an effective, fun and low-cost way to share the spirit and message of any organization’s work.

So here’s to Blake Morgan and the #IRespectMusic campaign as the inaugural recipient of the People Power Award.

Congratulations and keep up the amazing work!

We cannot wait to start accepting submissions for next year’s award. You can find the submission forms here or contact us to find out more!

The People Power Award: For excellence in grassroots campaigning and inspiring positive change.

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Bomacaron est la première boutique en son genre au Québec. October 10 2014

fabriquons tous nos produits la première boutique Macarons Macarons Montreal Quebec

La boutique ouvre officiellement ses portes le 11 octobre 2014.

Bomacaron est la première boutique en son genre au Québec. C’est aussi l’atelier dans lequel nous fabriquons tous nos produits.

Voici quelques photos qui vous donneront un petit aperçu de l’endroit. N’hésitez pas à venir nous voir et nous questionner, il nous fait toujours plaisir de partager notre expertise et notre passion!

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A new button store opening in Montreal. Custom Buttons galore on Ste Catherine Est! September 17 2014

Great news for  all button makers and button people in Montreal.  The guys from Pinscity and Bomacaron have got together to open a button store on Ste. Catherine East in Montreal.

Nic and Joel are making custom buttons right there in the store and both are experienced button makers who can help and advise on any button making project.  Ontario has had a button store for some time, in Toronto, but this is the first button store I have heard of in Quebec. They are stocking button makers, button machines and button parts right there in downtown Montreal.

This is what the store looked like in August 2014 and this is what it still looks like on Google street view.

New Button Store opening in Montreal

New Button Store opening in Montreal

Yes I don’t see a button shop either.  But this is Google street view, it’s always out of date!

The new store is the one with the “Bieres” sign and next time I’m in Montreal I’m going to swing by and see how Joel and Nic are doing.  I will provide a new update with the current picture soon.  In the meantime lets support these guys and their brave new venture!

Macaron Machine Inc.
dba Bomacaron.com & Pinscity.com
4204 Ste-Catherine East
Montreal, Quebec
H1V 1X3

Tel 514 334 7000  Ask for Nic or Joel  Checkout their websites, I know they are being updated but worth a look.  Joel’s site is  http://Bomacaron.com

and Nic’s site is http://PinsCity.com

They are coming together as Macaron Machine Inc.


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Non-Profits, Not-for-Profits, Charities, Organizations – Why you need a button maker! February 15 2013

Non-Profits, Not-for-Profits, Charities, Organizations all need to raise funds for their causes.  There are many ways to do this.   Many of them get into the junkmail business, many canvas door to door or on street corners.  Many of the canvassers do not even care for the cause and are paid quite well for bugging people.  The large charities employ sub-contractors to knock on doors and if they make a sale of, say, a $10 monthly subscription the first 2 years or as much as $240 will go to the sub-contracting company and only the subscriptions in the third year and beyond benefit the charity.  I know I’m going to get angry emails from the large charities telling me “It’s only the first years subscription that goes to the sub-contractor” but whatever the deal is and I know they vary, I don’t think the generous subscriber new they were filling the coffers of the for-profit canvassing company. Full disclosure and real volunteers would be a better way to go, but I actually believe these charities harm their image when they call people on the phone during dinner or knock on doors when people are relaxing (or sleeping).  As for the junk mail?  That’s just got to stop.  Our household has given annualy to possibly 10 charities for years.  We probably get more than 1000 letters a year.  Yes averaging more than 3 unnecessary letters a day.  You could argue that’s a lot of trees but it’s also a lot of cash that should be going to saving whales, fighting climate change, or building women’s shelters.  It should be used for whatever the money was actually intended for. 

Darfur campaign button Anti-poverty fundraising button Haiti relief fundraiser
Darfur, Sudan relief
Haiti relief

campaign button
fundraising button

Fundraising with buttons is extremely low cost, fun, attracts new subscribers and interested parties and does not bug anybody because people come to you

There are many ideas for using buttons to fundraise and I will layout a few ideas to show that instead of sending junk mail getting a button maker is a better investment.

1) Buttons are a low cost way to promote your organization.  Get your name logo out there.  It’s obvious but simple.

2) But what about a “Make your own buttons table” in front of your office, at street festivals, yard sales, schools, universities or any public events.  As well as your button maker you need blank circles, crayons, pens and markers. Get people to draw their designs and put it in a button for them right there and then. People will flock to your table and as they come they will bring more people (naturally, you don’t have to set up a robocall)  Make it for a donation for your cause and you will get $5, $10 for a button that costs 8 cents.  I once even got $50 for a single button because the donor believed in the cause.  You should also have your own designs available at the table for people who don’t want to draw.  Not just a button with your logo but a load of buttons that are relevant for your cause.  Make them funny, make them pertinent, make them serious. Make some radical and some gentle.  Have buttons that describe the full array of your cause with humour and with passion.  All the time people stand at your table, reading your button designs, more people will come. ( You won’t have to bludgeon anyone with your clipboard anymore, they will come to you.)

Do get a graphic designer to design your buttons!  Good design is the key!!!

QR code button 

3) Got something interesting on your website? Draw traffic to the page with a QR code.  What’s a QR code?

Pin-back buttons, pins, badges or whatever you call them are an ideal vehicle for promoting websites but what about a button that can be scanned on a cellphone and the image takes the cellphone user straight to your website.

QR codes don’t just need to go to a homepage, you can generate a QR code to lead a browser to any web address, to a special offer page, to a secret page or a surprise page.  Follow a QR code button on your smart phone and see where you end up!



4) Use your button maker as a tool to leverage volunteers.  If you have a large number of volunteers coming in to help then that’s great but you need a way to utilise that people power.  You also need a way to give those that do volunteer a sense of satisfaction, the sense that there voluntary labour was put to good use.  I used to be involved in an organization that had lots of walk-in volunteers. I found that if I invested time in explaing tasks to them I would sometimes be dissapointed as they could loose interest and drift away.  On asking I found they often thought the volunteer jobs pointless.  But explaining to a new volunteer how to make buttons takes literally a minute or two.  They work away at making buttons and as the finished buttons pile up they get a sense of achievement. You can use the button maker to judge staying power in your new volunteer.  Once they have proved themselves making buttons for your next event, you can invest some time and take them to the next level, they have earnt it.

5) A printing press in your office.  Once you get good at making buttons you can publish a new button even daily, it takes minutes. As and when a new campaign slogan comes up, a reaction to a press release or a new idea formulates; put it on a button.  Have new designs on the website with a pile of freebies at the front desk for drop ins, for a donation or otherwise. Those buttons will go forward and spread the word. Let your supporters spread the word for you.

  • Buttons are inexpensive
  • Buttons are excellent low cost fundaisers (Do the math!)
  • Buttons draw people to your organisation
  • Buttons draw traffic to your website
  • Buttons can be used to leverage volunteer power
  • A button maker is like your own printing press in the office
Syndicated article from The Button GuySyndicated blog from TheButtonGuy.net
This article is reprinted with permission.
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Fundraising with buttons - Wanna get involved? August 27 2011

 The number of wars, natural disasters, man-made disasters and catastrophies seem to be accelerating.  Sometimes watching a strangers agony or the agony of a nation or a people becomes too much and we decide to help. 

Right now, as I write, one could be fundraising for the famine in Somalia, the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. Or Haiti, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan.  What about the Arab Spring?  One could be fundraising for support in Syria, Egypt or Tunisia.  Nearer to home there are first nations issues, health issues, water issues. Cancer , multiple schlerosis, disabilities, social justice...... and the list goes on.

How can buttons help!

I have stood at events and demonstrations rattling a tin, asking for cash and it works a little.  People will put their spare change in a tin, after all if they are at the event they support the issue.  But rattling the tin can be frustrating - I only ever did it once.  The next time I made buttons, lots of them, with different slogans.  I tried to make them funny, radical and in your face, then I had some mild one's.  In other words I had buttons for a wide range of people. A few of us walked around with boards of buttons at a rally, yes rattling the tin but with buttons.  Some people took 5 buttons and dropped in a buck, some people took a single button and dropped in $20.  A few hours later we were counting up $750 that we sent to the International Red Cross.  The receipt came back 2 weeks later and I stuck it on the wall.  I got involved and it felt good.  Gone was the hopeless frustration you feel watching the news everyday with no ability to help.

When you design buttons think of longevity

People will always wear your button at the event.  But after your event, the next day, the next week you want your message out there.  If you make great big buttons people will wear it on the day and remove it before they even get on the bus to go home.  Consider that a smaller button is worn for a longer time.  Make your message bold and clear!  In campaigning for awareness around the genocide in Darfur the most successful button just said "DARFUR" big and bold.  I wore this button every day on the subway, on the street, in the store and so many people asked me, " What's Darfur." - and I had my in and I could tell them about it.  It worked.


Tips for good buttons.

A good button is a good design.  Spend time and energy making it simple and striking.  Use high resolution artwork don't just take stuff from the internet, it will be pixelated and impersonal.

Have a range of designs, appeal to different points of view, within the full spectrum of your campaign.

Think about size and shape.  Don't just take your rectangular logo and stick it in a round button.  It probably won't work well.  Redesign your logo in a round design or make rectangular buttons.  There are round, oval and rectangular buttons in 23 sizes.

A good button is recognisable across a room or a subway car. Instant recognition is valuable.  If you see a pink ribbon you know what it represents, the bearer of the ribbon has remiinded you from across the room.

When a person wears your button they become your emissary, your advocate.  Their friends, family, neighbours and community may or may not agree or care but the first step in changing minds is getting them to notice.

Where can I go from here?

You have identified your cause, checkout our premade campaign buttons and see if we have a fit.  Grab a bag and get out there.  That's a good way to try it.  And once you have tried fundraising with buttons you will be back for your own button maker - it works.

You can also GET YOUR URL on one of our fundraising button packs.  If you have chosen a button you would like to use you can place an order for the buttons and then add $15 or 15 minutes of artwork time and we will send you your buttons with your website on it.

Get designing!!  Download a template here and we can make your custom buttons.

Template Page      Custom Button Prices and Ordering

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