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The Great Outdoors: 3" Diamond Shaped Custom Buttons for Axis Gear December 13 2016

3" Custom Diamond Buttons


These custom 3" Diamond Buttons are for Axis Gear, a company specializing in marketing and promotional products for both charity & athletic sporting events.

Their black and white design look amazing on the 3" Diamond Pinback Button. Not only is it reminiscent of a cool retro patch, it totally looks at home in the great outdoors!


3" Diamond Buttons and Magnets Custom Made by People Power Press

3" Diamond & Square Custom Buttons & Magnets

These 3" buttons (as all of our custom diamond shaped products) are also available as a square. The large size also makes for really great custom fridge magnets, which can be made as both a diamond and square too!

3" Diamond & Square Button Making Parts & Supplies

To makes this size and shape of button yourself, all you need is a 3" square hand press (Model 3030) which is available as a start-up kit with with either 500 X Everything for Pinback Button or 500 X Everything for Peel n' Stick Magnet Parts :) Parts & Supplies for this machine can all be found here.

Check out Axis Gear on Social Media

Website: axisgear.ca
Instagram: @axisgear
Facebook: @axisgearco

Thanks for using custom buttons to get your message out there, Axis Gear! Awesome job on creating a gorgeous design for an uncommon button size and shape :)



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New Video: Button Rocket Vending Machine December 08 2016

Button Rocket Vending Machine


The Automatic Button Vending Machine is an ideal solution for button producers looking to have their products in stores and in the public eye. The sharp design of this simple to use and maintain button dispenser allows you to keep on producing buttons (or take a break) whilst your buttons are out there selling themselves!



- Tubular lock included on lid and cash box door
- Made of solid cast aluminum and zinc
- Takes 1" capsules which can hold up to four 1" Round Lockpin Buttons
- Coin mechanism with built in security measuring both width and size of a coin
- High security easy access money bag with 800 coin capacity
- Straight drop through product chute


button rocket vending machine



Want to know the basics of the Button Rocket Vending Machine before you decide if it's the machine for you? Look no further :)

Here's a video from The Button Guy's YouTube Channel on How to Operate the Button Rocket Vending Machine! Check out the entire YouTube channel for a giant collection of How-To Videos and neat button making tips and tricks!




The Button Rocket Vending Machine comes with one coin mechanism, but don't sweat it, if you decide you want to get another size:) Additional coin mechanisms for the The Button Rocket are available in the following sizes:

1 x 25 cents (1 quarter), 2 x 25 cents (2 quarters), 1 x $1 ($1 coin Canadian), 1 x $2 ($2 coin Canadian), Token Vend (1 x 0.984" token), Free Vend (Just turn handle - no coin).



Love the idea of a button vending machine, but don't have the time to press all those buttons yourself? Not only do we make custom buttons, and other fun custom products, we also do custom buttons packed in capsules that are ready to vend! SO EASY :)


If you have any questions about button vending machines, or anything button-related for that matter, don't hesitate to get in touch :) Reach us at 416-204-1984  or call TOLL FREE: 1-866-996-1984 



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Custom Crafty Buttons for City of Craft December 06 2016


It's the most wonderful time of the year because City of Craft is almost here!

City of Craft is a collective of arts organizers focused on fostering an awesome Toronto crafting community, and supporting independent craft businesses (take a look at the entire vendor line-up here!)

For the past 10 years, City of Craft has put on Toronto's largest independently-run, juried craft show. Not only are there 60+ vendors, but also craft installations, workshops and other craft-related programming.

 Crafty Buttons, City of Craft, Toronto, Custom Buttons by People Power Press,

We got crafty too and made these awesome buttons for City of Craft X: Handmade Decade Show.



 City of Craft 2015, Custom Crafty Buttons,

If you're thinking of checking out City of Craft X: Handmade Decade, the show runs from December 9th, 10th, & 11th. Event details can be found below, or on the City of Craft Website. If you're lucky, you may even get a custom button of your own!

Friday December 9, 6pm - 10pm
Saturday December 10, 11am-6pm
Sunday December 11, 11am-5pm

The Theatre Centre
1115 Queen Street West (entrance on Lisgar St.)
$3 (Kids 12 & Under FREE)
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Record Label Buttons for Arbutus Records! December 02 2016

These 1" round custom record label buttons were made for Arbutus Records, a Montreal label that's been around since 2007. They're home to a bunch of really amazing artists who represent a variety of music genres.

 Custom Music Buttons for Arbitus Records

 The label started out by recording their friends, many of whom are still signed with Arbutus Records today. They pride themselves on being accessible and inclusive, values that we at People Power Press also take to heart.

These 1" Round Record Label Buttons are really striking, and the geometric logo looks like it was destined to be on a button!


Record Label Buttons by People Power Press



If you're in the market for some band buttons, record label buttons, or make music of any kind, check out our Lyric Video and Custom Button Bundles ! These bundles are PERFECT-O for any band, musician, or singer-songwriter whose looking for some swag that won't break the bank :)


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New Video: How to Avoid Button Maker Jams December 01 2016

Sometimes when making buttons, you run into a jam.

One video we posted a while ago gave step-by-step instructions on how to un-jam a hand press that has something stuck in it. Click through the link to watch the video on The Button Guy YouTube Channel.

Though it's great to know how to un-jam a button maker, it's also really handy to know how to avoid button maker jams in the first place...



The video below is full of tips and tricks on how to avoid button maker jams! It also highlights the most common things that cause a button maker jam, so that you can avoid them from the get-go.




1. Make sure you only use 1 shell or collet at a time. They like to stick together

2. Only use 1 mylar at a time. They tend to be very easily affected by static and cling together like nobody's business

3. Only use paper that is 28lbs or less. (regular old photocopy paper is actually the best paper to use!)

4. Keep your machine well lubricated! Lubricant for button makers is really inexpensive, and comes in a tube that will last for decades

5. Stick to artwork that is drawn on paper, or printed out. Though making a 3-D collage on your button shell might look nifty, your button maker prefers nice flat artwork



Even if you're careful to not jam your button maker, accidents do happen. If you've tried un-jamming you button maker with no success, we do also offer maintenance and repair services!



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Tis' the Season with Button Greeting Cards November 30 2016

Receiving a holiday greeting card in the mail is a nice little pick-me-up, especially on a stormy winter day.

Be the best card-giver you can be this season with the People Power Press Holiday Button Greeting Card Collection! Let the holiday cheer stay with your friends, co-workers, and loved one long after they open the envelope :)


Seasons Greetings Button Card, Button Greeting Card,

Holiday Button Greeting Cards are the cards that keep on giving. Each card comes with a super cute button that will get anyone into the holiday spirit!

We've got a whole range of Holiday Button Greeting Card designs too. There's something perfect for darling grandma, your bestie, or the acquaintance that you only sort-a know.


Merry Christmas Sweater, Holiday Button Greeting Cards, Button Cards by People Power Press, Holiday Button Greeting Cards, Happy Holiday's Wreath, Button Cards by People Power Press, Holiday Button Greeting Card, Too Hip for the Holidays

Pictured above are Merry Christmas Sweater, Happy Holidays Wreath, and Too Hip for the Holidays. There are a range of different button designs available with each card, so check out the product pages for all off the possibilities!

Too Hip for the Holidays Pin Packs

If you think the Too Hip for the Holidays Cards are as wonderful and silly as we do, we've got some good news: All of the button designs are available as single buttons AND as 5 button pin packs too :)

Swing by the shop at 3095 Dundas Street West, or shop online at peoplepowerpress.org for all of your holiday button needs!


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Buttons for a Cause: Together Project November 28 2016

Colourful, inclusive, and full of joy, these custom buttons for a cause really speak to the work being done by Together Project.

Buttons for a Cuase, Custom Buttons for Together Project


Together Project matches Government Assisted Refugees with volunteer "Welcome Groups" who help newcomer families get their barrings in a brand new country.

These buttons for a cause are 2" Round, a size that is big enough for a nice sized logo, but small enough to comfortably wear day-to-day.

Their slick design of bright colours on a white background really makes a statement, don't ya think?

Custom Buttons for Organizations

Thanks for all the great work you do, Together Project!

If you're interested in getting involved, check out how you can volunteer, donate, or create a Welcome Group of your own with friends or family :)



Have an awesome cause of your own? Consider filling out a 2017 Nomination Form for the People Power Award, an annual award recognizing excellence in grassroots campaigning and inspiring positive change with buttons! 

Check out more details at peoplepowerawards.com !


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The People Power Press 2016 Holiday Gift Guide November 25 2016

2016 Holiday Button Making and Craft Gift Guide


The holidays are almost here and at People Power Press we've got you covered! With crafty projects, personalized presents, and fun & frugal ideas, there's something for everyone on your list!

Craft and DIY Button Gift Ideas

Get into the festive button making spirit with the Flex3000 Holiday Kit from People Power Press!

The kit includes a FLEX3000 3" button making machine, 3" Round Rotary Cutter, 100 x 3" complete button and 10x complete magnet parts PLUS 100 x 3" Round Holiday Themed Pre-Cut Art (50 full colour + 50 colour-your-own).

The perfect gift to kickstart a whole world of button making possibilities!

7/8" Mini Button Holiday Button Making Kit

'Tis the the season to be jolly ... making buttons! This teeny tiny holiday token making kit is great for crafting gifts for the minimalist on your list or creating collections of seasonally awesome fridge magnets for friend and family. *Available for a limited time only*

The 7/8" Button Holiday Kit includes a Tecre 875 Model Button Handpress, 500 complete parts each for making spring-lock pin buttons, PLUS 100 pieces of pre-cut holiday artwork (50 full colour and 50 colour-your-own).

Gift Cards for Button Making and Custom Buttons People Power Press Not sure what the button enthusiast on your list might like best? How about a People Power Press Gift Card! Virtual gift cards can be used on our Canadian and USA sites and in our Toronto showroom for button making parts, custom buttons, machine rentals* and more! They are available in a wide range of amounts and sure to please!

(*Button machines can be rented in our Toronto Shop or Shipped anywhere! Rental period includes shipping time.)

Custom and Personalized Gift Ideas

Custom Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments Now you can turn your family photos, art, and memories into Personalized Tree Ornaments! Perfect for commemorating parties, special Christmases, and events like family reunions! Design your own or send us your ideas and photos and have one of our talented Designers create something special for you. Bring your family or your pals into our Toronto Shop too to make your own at our Button Bar!
The possibilities are endless!
Personalized Magnetic Button Jewelry

Change it, swap it, click it, it's Magnetic Button Jewelry! 1" flat-back button charms can be changed to go with any look! Delight your favorite fashionista with a set of custom charms created just for them or choose from our trendy designs!

Also a perfect gift for that special someone with a 1" Button Maker!

Button Holiday Greeting Cards For loved ones near and far, send a smile with Button Greeting Cards! Available in fun and festive designs - give them a greeting AND a button they can wear!


Stocking Stuffer Ideas and Gifts Under $20

Show them you know them! Book and music lovers, cyclists, hipsters and coffee connoisseurs will be delighted by their very own Pin Pack, with all kinds of themes for all kinds of interests! Perfect for stocking stuffers or secret santas too!
Silly face dry erase buttons, magnets and ornaments are fun for kids and kids-at-heart! Draw with dry erase markers on top of festive designs, wear and display, then erase them and do it all over again!

Looking for a gift for a bookworm, writer, artist or vintage lover? We're breathing new life into old library books with our collection of Up-cycled Library Notebooks and Sketchbooks. Made with library books that have been diverted from landfill, these books are hardcover, coil bound, and use "Tree Free" recycled paper.

Available in large and small sizes, we can even make a custom one out of your favorite book! Find them online email us for more details!




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Custom Illustrated Vegetable Buttons by Robin Clugston November 23 2016

Custom pinback buttons are a great way for artists to reproduce their work, and make their art accessible to the masses.

Artist and illustrator Robin Clugston knows how to turn her illustrations into fantastic works of button art!

We can't get enough of these illustrated vegetable buttons that are as vibrant and detailed as the real thing! Just take a look at this bountiful button harvest :)


Vegetable Buttons, Illustrated Buttons, Robin Clugston,

These vegetable buttons are 1-1/4" Round Pinback Buttons. This size is great because it's small enough to be "fashionable" but large enough to do justice to the artwork! Awesome choice Robin :) They look wonderful!

Here's a close-up of the beet, eggplant, carrot, and pickle designs! Doesn't everyone need a pickle button in their life??

Illustrated Buttons, Vegetable Buttons, Robin Clugston,

Check out more of Robin's buttons, illustrations, stickers, and more!

Website: www.robinclugston.com

Facebook: @robinclugstonillustration

Instagram: @robinclugston



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Happy Birthday Canada150: 150th anniversary of Confederation buttons. November 18 2016

Newsflash!! - 6th Jan 2017 - People Power Press is now licensed to put the official Canada150 logo on our buttons and magnets.

Canadians will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017.  This will be a busy time for button makers as we make our Canada 150 years buttons.

Go to the Canada150 product page.

As a button maker you should apply to the government to use the official Canada 150 logo. You can get information and permission to use the official Canada150 logo here:

Canada150 official logo design information.

150th anniversary of Confederation buttons

The official Canada150 logo was designed by Ariana Cuvin from Toronto

Not everyone is happy with the logo design.  A number of professional graphic designers have voiced their disappointment regarding the choice of the official Canada 150 logo as well as the method by which the it was chosen. Checkout what these professional graphic designers are saying and the Alternative Canada 150 logo
Canada150 unofficial logo design example

Social media hashtags are already popping up for Canada150: check out what's tending on #Canada150 and #CBC2017.

The Canada 150 Kick-Off Celebrations in 19 urban centers across the country are coming up! Visit the Celebrate page or the CBC/Radio Canada 2017 Web portal to learn more.

People Power Press has also applied to use the official logo for custom Canada 150 buttons, stickers and labels, check back soon to see what awesome designs we've dreamed up and to score your own Canada 150 swag!

Button Design for Canada 150

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Make More Music! Custom Buttons for CTRL ROOM November 16 2016

People Power Press loves music makers!

We recently had the pleasure of making music buttons for CTRL ROOM, a collective of Beat Makers, Record Label Owners, and DJs based out of the West Toronto Junction!

CTRL ROOM is fully equipped for their artists to jam and record their own music, which makes it possible for them to live out their sole objective: promoting the creation and distribution of quality music by dedicated DJs.

CTRL ROOM, DJ Collective, Electronic Music Buttons, Local Music, Music Buttons, Custom Pinback Buttons by People Power Press,

CTRL ROOM has embraced the custom pinback button as a great, low-cost way to get their message out there! Keep on spreading the message, the music!

Check out CTRL ROOM on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for great pics, sweet events, and awesome tunes :)



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Music Makes Our World Go Round: Button Collection for Music Lovers November 09 2016

Calling all music lovers!!

People Power Press proudly presents our first button collection just for music lovers (... or button lovers... or anyone really)!

Wear your love of music on your backpack, jacket, or guitar strap with our wide array of music themed buttons from our "Music Makes The World Go 'Round" Collection,  available in both bright and neutral colour schemes!

Music Makes The World Go Round Button Pack, Music Buttons, Music Lover, 1-1/4" Buttons, People Power Press Button Collection, Bright, Neutral,


Pictured above is the  "Music Makes The World Go 'Round" Button Pack in "neutral". There are lots of awesome designs in this collection, so you can show your love for local record stores, mixtapes, old school gramophones, and a whole lot more! Each pack comes with 4 randomly selected designs.

Best of all, this neutral colour story ensures your love of music doesn't clash with your outfit!


On the flip side, the "Music Makes The World Go 'Round" Button Pack in bright colours is super fun and eye catching. Rainbow gradient jukebox anyone? No two packs are the same, as each buttons is randomly selected from the collection.

Be bright and happy this winter with super colourful treble clefs, headphones, and vinyl records!! Groovy :)

Music Makes The World Go Round Button Pack, Music Buttons, 1-1/4" Buttons, People Power Press Button Collection, Bright, 1-1/4" Pinabck Buttons,


Don't want a whole pack of four buttons? No problem at all!

All of our Pin Packs are also available as single buttons so you can pick that one button that you can't take your eye off of! Explore the entire "Music Makes The World Go 'Round" Button Collection in neutral and bright colours.

These buttons make a great gift, stocking stuffer, or little treat for yourself :)

Does music make YOUR world go round?



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Guitar Pick Punches are back! November 04 2016

Guitar pick punches are back and better than ever :)

This easy to use DIY tool is an awesome addition to any music-lovers' collection, and is a great gift idea for a guitarist on the go!

Guitar Pick Punch Diy Other Cool Products People Power Press Great Idea

To use, just round up some old gift cards, credit cards, or even sturdy plastic packaging and make a one-of-a-kind guitar pick with a single punch!

This heavy duty little machine is also great for band members who want to give out or sell personalized guitar picks at shows. 

Guitar Pick Punch Diy Other Cool Products People Power Press Great Idea

If recycling old gift cards into picks isn't for you, you can also create custom guitar picks with your band name or album title for your next gig! Endless possibilities :)

Also great for music lovers, check out our Music Makes the World Go 'Round button packs in bright and neutral tones!



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People Power Award 2016: And The Winner Is... October 25 2016

The moment that we've been anticipating all year is finally here!

Stephen’s Backpacks Society has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 People Power Award for excellence in grassroots campaigning and inspiring positive change!

Their organization has many projects, all aimed at ending youth homelessness. Stephen's Backpacks Society is currently providing backpacks, shoes, education resources, and hope to children and families in need.

Stephen's Backpacks Society, People Power Press, People Power Award 2016

Making a Difference with Buttons

In the past, Stephen's Backpacks Society has used pinback buttons to inspire positive change in classrooms through their Global Citizenship Project. Part of this education initiative involves "Dream Buttons," a way for students to write their dream, wear it, and share it everyday!

As the winner of this year's People Power Award, Stephen's Backpacks Society is the recipient of a custom 6-inch button award, and a button gift certificate to help them keep up the awesome work :)

 Dream Buttons, Custom Buttons by People Power Press, People Power Award 2016

People Power Award 2016 Nominees

The People Power Award is an annual award recognizing excellence in grassroots campaigning and inspiring positive change with buttons.

This year's nominees for the People Power Award were McKie Rich Productions and Stephen's Backpacks Society. Click through the link to read each organizations' award nominee blog post!

Call for submissions for the 2017 People Power Award

The People Power Award 2017 Nomination Form is now available and submissions are open until fall 2017.

If you know an awesome grassroots organization (or belong to one yourself!), fill out a submission :) You could be joining Stephen's Backpacks Society and the I Respect Music Project (Recipient of the 2014 People Power Award) in the winners circle!


 People Power Press, Custom Buttons, Pinback Button Parts adn Supplies, peoplepowerpress.org,  People Power Press Facebook, facebook, peoplepowerpress.org, Custom Buttons, pinback button parts and supplies,  People Power Press Instagram, Custom Buttons, Pinback Button Parts and Supplies, peoplepowerpress.org People Power Press Twitter, Custom Buttons, Pinback Button Parts and Supplies, PeoplePwrPress,


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Custom Buttons for Zombie Survival Camp! October 20 2016

If there was a zombie apocalypse, would you survive?

You would if you had the skills and training provided by Zombie Survival Camp!

Custom 1-3/4" Custom Pinback Buttons, Custom Buttons by People Power Press, Zombie Button, Toronto, Zombie Survival Camp Custom Buttons from People Power Press

Zombie Survival Camp has been preparing humans for zombie apocalypse survival since 2013. The camp teaches real disaster survival skills (by actual experts!), all of which happen to be applicable to slaying zombies.

And they also have really awesome custom 1-3/4" buttons, which makes them EXTRA cool in our books!


promote your buisness and order your own custom buttons from People Power Press, Zombie Survival Camp Buttons,

Check out Zombie Survival Camp on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on everything zombie.

Are YOU looking for some custom made buttons? Check out our buttons and other custom products at peoplepowerpress.org :)




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Spooky Face Dry Erase Buttons for Silly Halloween Fun! October 17 2016

Halloween Buttons


Halloween is almost here, and we are oh-so ready to play some tricks, eat some treats, and have some fun with with Spooky Face Dry Erase Buttons!

These halloween buttons feature classic Halloween favorites with a twist: you can customize them yourself whenever the mood strikes! The only thing you need is a dry erase marker and a little imagination...


Spooky Face Dry Erase Buttons

Simply draw a face and then erase! Repeat as many times as you like!

If you come up with the the BEST FACE EVER you can make the design more permanent by using wet-erase or permanent markers too.

Spooky Face Dry Erase Buttons come in lots of fun and colourful designs: witch, cat, pumpkin, mask, and Frank! All are available as single buttons, or you can collect the entire Spooky Face Button family.

You can even get have a custom collection or button designed for you by our team! The possibilities are endless. Just give us a call!



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Buttoning up for Fall with Knitty October 13 2016

The air outside is getting cold but we are cozy inside making buttons! Check out these adorable 1" Custom Buttons for Knitty Magazine!

Promotional Buttons for Knitty Magazine by People Power Press

Knitty is one of the coolest online knitting resources there is, so we're thrilled that they're using buttons to spread the word! Follow Knitty on Twitter to find out more about knitting and fibre events and meetups.

Custom Buttons are a great way to promote blogs or any cool project you're working on, and bring together folks with shared interests (like knitting!) at meetups and events!



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New! Spooky Reflect-O and Glow-In-The-Dark BOOtons from People Power Press October 05 2016

Reflective and Glow-in-the-dark buttons from People Power Press

Just in time for Halloween! Light up the night and stay safe and bright with our new collections of Glow-In-The Dark and Reflect-O Safety Buttons!


Glow-in-the-Dark buttons charge in the light and then glow bright, making them a GREAT spooky accessory for any costume or festive Halloween outfit!

Glow in the Dark and Reflective Buttons for Halloween from People Power Press

In the daytime they look like a regular button, but when the sun goes down their magical glow is revealed. Glow-In-The-Dark buttons also make it really easy to keep an eye on little ones or stay with a group while trick-or-treating. Just follow the glowing pumpkin!


Reflect-O Safety Buttons reflect light from streetlights, flashlights, and oncoming cars just like bike reflectors. Such a festive way to keep your little ghosts and goblins visible and safe while out on a Halloween adventure.

Glow in the Dark and Reflective Buttons for Halloween from People Power Press

Both Glow-In-The-Dark and Reflect-O BOOtons are available in an assortment of designs. If you're going for a spook-tacular look, the creepy-crawley spider is an awesome accessory! If creepy-crawly isn't for you, the black cat and pumpkin designs are cute as a BOOton!

Glow-in-the-Dark and Reflect-O Buttons are now available in packs of three 1-3/4" buttons. Each pack contains three random Halloween designs in a reflective or glow finish.



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We (Heart) Vegetarians (and Vegans too!): Buttons for World Vegetarian Day! September 30 2016

People Power Press Loves Veggies Buttons

This Saturday, October 1st is World Vegetarian Day and there's no better way to show your love for animals AND vegetables then getting all decked out in People Power Press Veggie Buttons!


Assorted Vegan and Vegetarian Buttons for World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day is the kickoff to a month-long world wide celebration to promote the joy, compassion, and life-enhancing possibilities of eating vegetarian :)

If you're already vegetarian or vegan, let everyone know that animals are friends, not food with buttons! This awesome collection is full of adorable, colourful, and punny designs available as single buttons and in Button Packs.

Even if you aren't vegetarian, you can TOTALLY get in on the excitement by supporting the herbivores in your life and maybe even jumping on the "Meatless Monday" bandwagon. YUM! The next best thing to eating vegetarian is supporting your veggie friends :)

I Heart Veggies Button Pack from People Power Press

So, whether you love animals, think hummus is yummus, or hail seitan, you better believe there's a button in this collection that you'll love!

Happy World Vegetarian Day!




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How-To: Design-Your-Own Bridal Shower Buttons September 26 2016

A perfect way to honour guests and attendants on your special day - and keep track of who's-who at a party for newcomers - beautiful Bridal Shower Buttons!

Buttons can be designed to match your wedding or party colours and make a great way to help break the ice!

You can Design Your Own buttons online on the Button Guy's Online Button Designer or using our downloadable templates!

Design-Your-Own Bridal Shower Buttons in Button Designer

Before you start you might want to familiarize yourself with Button Designer by watching this video tutorial - it will guide you through the basics of designing a button and help you with the following steps:


Choose a Pattern to Use for your Wedding Buttons 1. Choose Your Artwork: Find a background and save it to your computer. I chose this one because it has a nice framing element that will showcase the name. A great place for free pattern and backgrounds is Public Domain Pictures
Upload your Image to the Button Guy Online Button Designer 2. Upload Your Artwork: Create a FREE account on the Button Guy Online Button Designer. Choose which size of button you'd like to make and upload your pattern.
Design A Button in the Button Guy Online Button Designer

3. Design Your Button: Choose which lines of text you would like to be visible and pick a font and a font colour. Make sure it stands out against the background.

(Tip: Change the background colour from the default Yellow to a colour that matches your uploaded artwork)

4. Save Your Designs: Once you have finished adding a name click the [Save Button] Button, your design is now saved and you can change the text without uploading the background again.

Repeat these steps until you have all your buttons - you can see them all in "Buttons Overview".

Design-Your-Own Wedding Buttons from People Power Press 5.Your Buttons Are Ready to Make! If you are making your own buttons at home you can follow the steps on Button Designer to print out your own artwork - or you can order custom buttons with your designs from us!


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Sneaker Buttons in Action: Railpath Run September 22 2016

Sneaker Buttons for the Railpath Run from People Power Press


You've read all about our Sneaker Buttons! If you're in Toronto you can see them in action or sport your own this weekend at the 2016 Railpath Run


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Great Ideas: Displays for your Button Business September 19 2016

We get a lot of question from our busy button makers about running your own button business and one of them is about displaying buttons for sale. We have some bright ideas no matter what size, style and type of product you're making!


Button Display Board Ideas on the People Power Press Blog


Bulletin boards are a great way to display buttons because you can stick the pins right in! You can also DIY a bulletin board by covering foam board with fabric or paper, you could even add a fancy frame!

This kind of display works well if you have lots of different designs to choose from!


We found that the best way to display magnets is by having them do what they do best - STICK! Buttons look great displayed on a board - you can even make your own out of a cookie sheet. Since magnets stick to almost anything metal you can get creative - why not display them on a locker door or even a paint can?


Button Display Binder Ideas on the People Power Press Blog

Most Everything:

If you have lots of different designs that you want to categorize, or lots of different types of products that won't all fit on a board - why not display your buttons in a button binder! We've made this one from page protectors designed for business cards which will fit anything up to a 2.5" button. The pockets will fit things that are harder to stick onto a board, like pocket mirrors, keychains, and bottle openers. If you choose a clear type, you'll be able to see easily what the back of each item is like!

This kind of display would be great for conventions too! You can use dividers to section your binder by theme and customers can browse it like a catalogue.

Bowls, Baskets and Bins:

Button Display Ideas on the People Power Press Blog

If you have lots of different designs or items that you want to mix together, don't forget the tried and true basket-o-buttons! Lots of folks like to rummage through a little bowl to pick a favorite design (or two, or three!). Displaying your buttons in a cute container is a perfect solution if you're not very crafty, or ran out of time to come up with a different brilliant idea! Just make sure the pins on your buttons are closed - ouch!

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People Power Award Nominee: Stephen's Backpacks Society September 16 2016

Stephen's Backpacks Society was formed in 2006 in order to answer the vision of six year old Stephen who became aware that there were children living on the street or in shelters. 

With the help of his parents, James McPhee (society president) and Nancy McPhee (director of marketing), Stephen became a voice for children without a home.

Their mission is to rally communities and the children within them to help children in need.

How Does Stephen's Backpacks Society Help with Youth Homelessness?

Stephen's Backpacks society began with one project: filling up backpacks with new clothing, school supplies, and toys around the holiday season to give to children in need. Now, Stephen's Backpacks has many ongoing projects including Footprints, Project Hope, and Educate.

Stephen's Backpacks Society Uses Button for a Great Cause

Through Stephen’s humility, faith, and passion he has inspired thousands of children to Dream Outloud.

The Dream Button was designed to encourage children not only to write down their dreams, but also to proudly share them with others.

What an awesome way to use buttons!

For more information, Check out Stephen's Backpacks Society on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



The People Power Award is an annual award we will give to a grassroots organization that is working hard to make a difference and is using buttons to spread their message.

Along with a custom six-inch button award, the winner will receive a free order of custom buttons so that they can continue to spread their message! Through our promotion of the award and the recipient's work, we can help create greater awareness for the work they are doing.

Recipients of the award will demonstrate our own values here at People Power Press. We believe in the power of people working to create positive change in the world. Buttons are an effective, fun and low-cost way to share the spirit and message of any organization’s work.







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Shipping Update: Our 1-1/4" Ceramic Magnets are in one of those containers. September 14 2016

Shipping Containers

As button makers we may not have heard of Hanjin. Hanjin is one of the worlds largest container shipping lines. Hanjin has recently declared bankruptcy and its container ships are stuck in ports around the world.

So what has this got to do with me?  Well unfortunately our skids of ceramic magnets are stuck on the ship in Port Rupert!  They will not be unloaded because the shipping company owes the Port money for docking fees.

Articles yesterday in the media say new money for Hanjin has been made available so cargo will be moving again soon. But they cannot say when and nor can we.

This is a good example of how everything is interconnected in our world today.  A Bankruptcy in Korea means the event in Jasper does not have magnets. For our customers please contact us directly and we can find a substitution or a solution. Hopefully the cargo may be flowing in a couple of weeks but it may take longer.

CBC News Article

Globe and Mail Article

Ingenious Containers

Port Rupert Container Terminal

Port Rupert Container Terminal - BC


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