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Did You Know that The Button Guy is on YouTube? March 08 2016

Last week we posted about Button Designer, a great free resource from The Button Guy.

The Button Guy has yet another resource that goes beyond artwork, and touches on many aspects of the button making process: his very own YouTube channel.

Whether you need to know how to use, make, fix, or design something button related, there is bound to be a video that can help you out!

Here are just a few featured videos:


          If you're looking for a "How To" video that isn't featured on this blog post, check out The Button Guy's full YouTube Channel!

          If you check there, and your question still isn't answered, always feel free to Ask The Button Guy, or call into the shop for some over-the-phone assistance :)

          Don't worry about asking us a question that you thing seems strange or silly. If it's button related, GO FOR IT! We love helping our customers have the best button making experience possible :) YAY!



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          International Women's Day Buttons March 07 2016

          Happy Monday button enthusiasts!

          Tomorrow March 8th, is International Women's Day, a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

          Here are just a couple of well known women who have made a hugely positive impact.


          To learn more about International Women's Day, check out the official website, or take a pledge for gender equality.

          If you are interested in creating your own custom buttons, we can help you out! Click here and make all of your button dreams come true!




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          It's Cool to Recycle: Upcycled Notebooks are Here March 03 2016

          Who would have thought that some old un-loved books could get a second chance at life? We believe that anything is possible, and we have proof. Take a look:

          These books have been turned into some seriously cool notebooks and sketchbooks, ready for you to fill with whatever your heart desires.

          All books are hardcover, coil bound, and use "Tree Free" recycled paper.

          So whether you like retro books, sketching and writing, or just want to reduce your carbon footprint, we've got you covered.

          These little beauties are available online and in store. If you're ever in The Junction, come on by and browse through our whole selection. And maybe make a button too :)



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          Custom Buttons for our Friends at The Wedding Co. March 02 2016

          February was a big month for weddings, and nobody knows this better than our friends at The Wedding Co.

          The Wedding Co. is an awesome group of creative professionals who live and breath all things wedding! Not only do they make it SUPER simple and fun to plan every aspect of a couple's big day, they also ensure that the experience of planning is just as fantastic as the wedding day itself.

          On February 21st, The Wedding Co. celebrated its 15th bridal show in Toronto, and it truly was a showstopper! Each of the exhibitors were even sporting a gorgeous custom button to identify themselves at the event. 

          Custom Buttons By People Power Press for The Wedding Co.

          If you're planning a wedding, or just like looking at gorgeous wedding things, you should definitely check out The Wedding Co. on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, and on their website!



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          Button-Designer: Quick, Easy, and Free Online March 01 2016



          It's been a long day, and you still have a bunch buttons to design for that super important thing tomorrow.

          Most people would start brewing that late-night cup of coffee, and get ready to hunker down for the long haul...

          But not you! You head over to button-designer.com


          It's a website that makes it really simple to whip together button designs. And best of all? It's freeeeeee :)

          The website allows you to add an uploaded image, text, icons, etc. to a button template of any size. Once you're done, the button design is saved as a PDF print sheet, and is ready to be cut and pressed.



          1. Go to www.button-designer.com

          2. Create a Free Account

          3. Select the size of button you are going to design. We carry the button parts and presses for ALL sizes that button-designer offers.


          4. If you would like to upload an image, Click on "Image Upload" and select your file.

          5. Click on any element of the button that you wish to change. For example, to change the maple leaf icon, click the icon on the button template.

          6. Use the check boxes to turn off the elements you don't want or turn on the elements you do want.

          7. Click and drag to move the elements on the button face.

          8. Once you're happy with the button design, click the save button. To view the buttons you have saved, go to the button gallery. From there you can print a single button, or create print sheets of one OR multiple designs! 


          9. Make your buttons

          10. Wear you button proudly and get many high-fives and compliments! 



          If you are ordering custom buttons from People Power Press, you can use the Online Button-Designer to create the artwork. All you need to do is provide us with your user name and the image title :) We will retrieve your artwork and produce your custom order!





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          Nothing Counts on Leap Day: Custom Buttons for February 29th February 29 2016

          Happy Monday everyone :)

          This is an extra special Monday, Indeed. A day that comes only once every 4 years...

          That's right, it's a Leap Year!!

          Put aside the responsibilities of real life and live today to the fullest. After all, nothing counts on Leap Day.

          Custom Buttons in celebration of Leap Day, February 29, 2016.

          Of course, here at People Power Press, Leap Day is a perfect reason to make Custom Buttons! If you want to learn more about February 29th, take a look at some Leap Day Customs and Traditions.

          Real life will resume tomorrow, March 1st.

          Why does the extra day fall in February?

          All the other months in the Julian calendar have 30 or 31 days, but February lost out to the ego of Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus.

          Under his predecessor Julius Caesar, Feb had 30 days and the month named after him - July - had 31. August had only 29 days.

          When Caesar Augustus became Emperor he added two days to 'his' month to make August the same as July.

          So February lost out to August in the battle of the extra days.

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          Black History Month February 16 2016

          black history month

          Let's celebrate black history month this through buttons! A great way to show recognition towards current and past African Canadians that make and have made great contributions in art, culture, public service, politics and human rights.

          Toronto itself has so many talented musicians that contribute to music history while helping Toronto's reputation grow stronger. drake, shad, all-star

          Drake whom was given a key to the city a few days ago, also helped host one of the most important sports events this weekend here in Toronto; the NBA all-star games. It attracted so many tourists including all sorts of celebrities and gave our residents opportunities to participate in local events and entertainment.

          The Weeknd whom was nominated for 7 Grammys, preformed and brought home a Grammy for Best R&B Performance.

          Rapper Shad (not originally from Toronto) took over Q on CBC Radio in 2015, and is still  somehow finding the time to create music.

          andre degrasse

          21 year old Andre De Grasse  a GTA born athlete has been claimed to be the fastest man in Canada and won the 2015 Pan Am 100m and 200m.

          Willie O’ree from fredericton, was the first black player in the NHL with the Boston bruins in 1957-58.

          George Dixon also known as “Little Chocolate” from Halifax, was the first black world boxing champion in any weight class and first ever Canadian born boxing champion.

          Also a reminder on an interesting article that came out a couple years ago on Albert Jackson, a child slave who fled to Canada on the underground railroad was to become the city of Toronto’s first black letter carrier in 1882.

          Thanks to those important brave figures from the past, we have all kinds of young talented people shaping and making our future!


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          Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day <3 February 08 2016

          It's almost Valentines day, and everyone here at People Power Press hope you have the happiest one yet!

          If you "don't really DO Valentine's Day" but have a special someone in your life, we've got just the thing for you!

          Come by the shop and take a look at our super cute "Sorry, Valentine" button collection.

          These sassy little buttons are a great way to begrudgingly participate in all the Valentine's hype.They're just the right amount of "salty" to balance out all of the "sweet."

          Available in packs of 4 assorted buttons ($5.00), or as single button Valentine's cards ($2.00)!

          Wishing you a Valentine's Day full of love and happiness <3 <3 <3


           Keep up with all of the cool stuff we are doing around the shop! Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

          Do you have something great you want to put on a button? Here is how you can get custom buttons of your very own!


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          Button of the Week: Go Raptors Go! February 03 2016

          We love our Toronto sports teams around here, especially when they are playing well.

          The Blue Jays gave us a great summer and fall and now the Toronto Raptors are killing it on the court.

          So, just like our Jays buttons, we wanted to make some buttons to show our love for the Raptors and celebrate their record-breaking success.

          And what a year to be going hard - in a few weeks the city will play host to the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.

          Oh and we have to share the video because it is awesome and these two guys will be playing together for the game.

          How can you not be excited? #WeTheNorth all the way.



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          DIY Project: Mystery Series Pocket Mirrors January 31 2016

          We love books around here. We love to read them and normally wouldn't condone taking them apart, but we're going to make an exception with our latest craft project.

          The thing is, we have all these great looking books in the shop that we use to make our upcycled notebooks. But the pages inside don't always get to be reused.

          Well, we've found the perfect way to salvage some of the pages from old vintage books - Mystery Series Pocket Mirrors!
          pocket mirror

          If you have some old books or magazines, you can do the same. Parts for mirrors can be purchased on the same page where you order your button supplies.

          As with any artwork you put in your button maker, just make sure the pages aren't so thick they will jam your machine. Then cut, press and carry.

          And the images from these old books get to tell a story in a whole new way.

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          Ingenious Storage Containers: Marketing with Magnets! January 28 2016

          Our friends at Ingenious Storage Containers had a predicament. How could they add their branding to the storage containers they were selling?

          Stickers could do the trick, but they'd probably get peeled off as soon as the container arrives at its new home. And nobody likes that sticky residue that gets left behind.

          Then, they had it! The perfect solution: Ingenious Storage Magnets!

          Ingenious Storage Magnets

          Ingenious came to us at People Power Press with their custom magnet request, and we thought it was a great idea! After all, their steel containers, cabinets, and storage lockers are the perfect canvas for a custom magnet!

          They weren't sure how their magnets would be received by their customers, but from the sounds of it, they're a big hit already! The magnets are even finding their way from storage containers to the fridge. I'd like to see a sticker try and do that! :)

          Container Fridge Magnets for Ingenious Storage

          You can find all of Ingenious Storage Containers' products on their website!

          You can also check out Ingenious on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and stay in the loop of everything storage containers!

          Great stuff, Ingenious Storage Containers. Your custom magnets not only look amazing, but are an awesome marketing idea :)

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          Canadian Women in Food: Using Buttons to Stir Things Up! January 18 2016

          Canada’s food sector contributes in a big way to the national economy, being responsible for more than 9 per cent of GDP and 2.3 million jobs. That's approximately 13 per cent of all employment in Canada!

          Women represent more than 60 per cent of those employed in the food and beverage industry.

          Canadian Women in Food is a super cool community that supports and celebrates female entrepreneurs in this industry. And they are asking that we all do the same!


          What is Canadian Women in Food?

          Canadian Women in Food is a network of women from a wide variety of food-related sectors: from bakers to food photographers, sommeliers to restaurant managers!

          The members of this national social enterprise have access to learning seminars and events, while providing opportunites for members to support each other.

          Their Mission

          CWIF supports women-owned food businesses, and cultivates opportunities for female food entrepreneurs. By 2020, they hope to be the leading connector of female entrepreneurs in Canada. We can all help them achieve their goals by spreading the word, and getting stirred up about women in food!

          Become a Member

          If you're a woman in the food industry, you can find out about joining CWIF here. They value their network of entrepreneurs so much, that they will even refund the entire membership fee in exchange for 4 hours of volunteering within the community. How can you say no to that?

          Get in Touch

          You can find Canadian Women in Food on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,and of course, on their website! Stay in the loop and see how CWIF continues to cook up! Learn more about the awesome women in the food industry and check out their featured recipes. It all looks deeelicious!


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          Happy New Year! January 05 2016

          happy new years

          We wanna wish you a rad start to 2016!

          2015 was another great year here at People Power Press and we owe a lot of that to our very awesome customers.

          We want to send you all a big thanks for making our year totally rock and being one of our best yet.

          Among the highlights:

          - New products including button bracelets, FLEX series of hobby button makers and shoelace clips!

          - Opening our Toronto retail store and getting such a warm Junction welcome!

          - Introducing Daily Deals for daily specials on button making supplies, machine and custom buttons!

          - Launching our new website to make placing orders and finding products easier!

          - Continuing to be inspired by the awesome work of our customers - button folks really are the best! Check out some of them here, here and here.

          We're beyond excited for year ahead and introducing more new programs, products and services.

          We're also looking forward to what amazing button stuff we can come up with together!

          Oh, we really could go on about how lovely you have all been to us, but blah blah blah...

          Have a Happy New Year!

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          Angelica's Dream Fund: Supporting Artists and Dreamers December 23 2015

          Our shop has been looking a little bit cuter recently thanks to local artist, freelance writer and fellow button enthusiast Angelica LeMinh!


          Piggy Pins made by local freelance writer Angelica LeMinh


          What is Angelica's Dream Fund?

          An adorable array of Piggy Pins are on display in our shop as part of Angelica's Dream Fund.


          The idea of the fund is to consciously cycle money raised from selling art like this to support and celebrate the arts while also supporting the many dreams of artists behind the art!


          Stamp Buttons and Piggy Pins in our shop. Created by local freelance writer and button enthusiast Angelica LeMinh



          As a freelance writer, Angelica is looking to fulfill her dream: to create partnerships with people and publications that value unique voices.


          Angelica's Dream Fund is super special because it is an interactive installation.


          If you like anything that you see, it can be yours! All she asks is that you leave something or share something with her in return.


          Next time you're in The Junction, come by the People Power Press storefront and pick out a Piggy Pin for yourself!


          You'll not only get to home with the cutest one-of-a-kind creation, you will also be supporting dreams which is pretty awesome too!


          Get In Touch With Angelica

          If you would like to contact Angelica directly about this project or her dreams, you can reach out at angelica.le.minh @gmail.com of find her online on Twitter or on her blog.


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          Too Hip for the Holidays? We've Got a Button For You! December 21 2015

          We probably all know somebody who thinks they're too hip for the holiday season.

          holiday buttons hipster

          Whether they conveniently forget to wear their ugly Christmas sweater to the party or don't want to take part in the annual Secret Santa gift exchange, they just don't seem to get into the holiday spirit.

          It's near impossible to buy gifts for that too hip friend of yours, but don't worry. We've got you covered!

          We're proud to present our Too Hip for the Holidays Button Collection!

          Featuring characters such as Grumpy Snowman, Apathetic Ornament, and Passive Pine Tree, it has never been easier to shop for that person your life who says they can't be bothered with the magic of the holidays! 

          hipster holiday buttons

          You probably won't get them to wear those reindeer antlers, but they will definitely be happy to wear a button (even if they won't admit it).

          Come by the store and pick up individual button cards or a 5 pin pack. Or place your order online.

          Seasons Greetings from People Power Press!

          May you have a lovely holiday season :) ... or whatever.







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          Video: How to Make Button Christmas Tree Ornaments December 11 2015

          The holidays provide a great opportunity for us button makers and crafty folk.

          We get to make personalized gifts for our friends and family and fill our own homes with crafts made by hand – all with our button maker!

          One great and fun DIY project is button ornaments. Hang them on your Christmas tree or around the house. This is a great Christmas craft project for kids!

          New Video: How to Make Button Tree Ornaments

           Available in 5 Different Sizes

          To make ornaments you will need Everything for Slotted Backs with Tabs. You can order the complete set of supplies needed to make your ornaments here. The only thing not included is the hook, but you can pick some up at your local craft store.

          button ornaments

          Don't Have A Button Maker? No Problem!

          We have a few ways you can make button ornaments even if you don't own a button maker.

          We Will Make Them For You!

          Use our templates or use Button Designer (a free online button design program) to create and submit your artwork. You can also take advantage of our full range of our design services.

          Contact us for pricing!

          Rent A Button Maker

          Rent a button maker to make your ornaments at home.

          Come to Make Ornaments In Store - Great for Kids Off School!

          You can drop into the Toronto store to make an ornament or there is still time to book an ornament workshop party if you'd like to bring in your children and their friends. This is a great idea for those when the kids are off from school!

          Call to get more information or to book a spot or contact our Events Team at events@peoplepowerpress.org.

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          Introducing Daily Deals: Serious Button Savings Every Day! December 02 2015

          Button lovers! We have some exciting news for you all! 

          You all know how dedicated we are to our customers and how we truly enjoy helping you guys out, right?

          Well, we’ve decided to start offering all sorts of button deals for each and every one of you. Every single day.

          button discounts

          We've launched Daily Deals, where we offer one fantastic button-related deal every single day of the week. You may need to bookmark this page!

          And of course because we love to keep you on your toes, you will have to check in with us everyday because each deal will only last you 24 hours.

          So you’ve gotta act fast!

          Not what you're looking for? There's always tomorrow.

          We will be offering you deals on absolutely everything to do with button making. So that means everything from the button machine itself, parts and supplies- to discounts on custom pins and our in-house design services.

          No need to thank us, we are always looking out for you!

          But again..... don’t wait tooooo long! These offers will change at 12:00am EST everyday and we only have a limited amount of each item!


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          One Fire Movement to Launch One Fire Clothing in 2016! November 24 2015

          We recently had the privilege of working once again with One Fire Movement, a beloved customer and friend of People Power Press.

          They are always busy working on some exciting initiatives, so it is no surprise they have a couple of great new projects on the horizon.

          Coming Soon: One Fire Clothing!

          We’re extremely excited to announce that One Fire Movement has decided to spread peace, unity, and love in yet another way: through One Fire Clothing!

          The clothing line will be launched in 2016 and will consist of super cool clothing adorned with custom tags and One Fire buttons! (Yes indeed, you read that correctly. We do custom tags and packaging too!)

           One Fire Clothing Tag, Custom Packaging, Custom Buttons


          One Fire Movement is great organization that uses the power of music, videos, photography, art, and events to support charitable organizations. Everything that One Fire does is driven by their mission to make a difference and spread the message that “We Are One.” That is the kind of message that we can all get behind!

          Holiday Concert and Toy Drive

          If you’re interested in experiencing a One Fire event first hand, you are in luck!

          On December 17th you can listen to some great live music, AND support a wonderful cause.  Get your tickets for One Fire Movement Presents – Holiday Magic, A Benefit Concert for War Child Canada here or stop by the store!

          In true One Fire style, the event features a handful of musical artists,while benefiting War Child Canada and the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish Toy Drive. It’s wonderful how one event can do so much good for our local AND global communities.

          To learn more about One Fire Movement you can check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

          Thank you One Fire Movement for making a difference in the world, and for using super cool buttons to spread the love!



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          Button of the Week: Stand Up for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week November 20 2015

          Buttons are always a great way to campaign and spread a message to a wider audience.

          This week we wanted to use our Button Of The Week to highlight Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week happening throughout Canada and beyond.

          bullying awareness and prevention week

          This is a message that we all need to hear and practice so everyone in our communities feels safe and respected.

          To learn more you can check out Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week to see how you can get involved. Use the official hashtag #BAW2015 to join the conversation.


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          Recycle Fabric wtih Fabric Buttons! November 17 2015

          Do you have some old clothes or fabric scraps lying around, but don't want to throw them away?

          Beautiful fabrics can be used to make great pins, brooches or even earrings with your button maker! Get creative and upcycle some of the materials you have at home.

          When using fabric to make buttons, you can get a more textured look to your button than the usual glossy finish that comes with using mylar and paper.

          Before you get started, here are some things you should know about how to make fabric buttons with your button maker.

          What kind of fabric to use with your button maker

          When attempting to make fabric buttons you should know that not all fabric can be used with your button maker.

          You need fabric with a high tensile strength - is able to be stretched - otherwise tearing can be a problem and your buttons will tear at the edges.

          You will also have trouble pressing a button with fabric if the fabric is too thick. Anytime the fabric, paper or any material is too thick your machine will get jammed.

          Fabric Buttons - People Power Press

          Testing fabric with your button maker

          The only way to really know if your fabric will work with your button maker is to test it.

          The button making process does not put a lot of pressure on the fabric, but do a small test before cutting or purchasing a large quantity of fabric.

          Cutting your fabric

          Use a piece of mylar as a guide for cutting your fabric with scissors unless you have a rotary cutter. A fabric pencil will work great to mark where you should cut your fabric.

          Graphic punches that often come in button making kits do not work with fabric. Trying to feed fabric through a graphic punch is pretty impossible.

          A rotary cutter can work with some types of fabric, but again you will want to test it with the fabric you are planning to use as cuts will differ depending on the kind of fabric.

          Rotary Fabric Cutter for Button Making

          It's great to switch up your buttons and try new things! Just remember to always test new materials before embarking on a big project!

          Want more crafty ideas and tips for button makers? Check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! And of course we'd love for you to share your fabric button creations with us.

          Have a question about another project you'd like to try with your button maker? Let us know and that could be our next how-to blog!

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          2015 Holiday Gift Guide November 14 2015

          Well, it’s that time of year again – holiday shopping season!

          And this year we've got so many more fun gift ideas for you. You'll be surprised at all the different things a button machine and some people power can make : ) In fact, this year YOU can come and make the gifts yourself in our new Toronto Maker-Space. Just let us know what you want to make, book a time to use our machines in store, and we'll show you how to do it!

          Without further ado, here is our 2015 Gift Guide for all the crafty people (and more!) on your shopping list.

          Gift Idea #1: For the Crafters and Kids (or Kids at Heart!)

          Hobby button makers are a great gift for craft lovers, young and old! And, at a significantly lower price than professional grade machines, they are affordable for many gift givers. In the spirit of the season, we have put together HOLIDAY themed kits for our FLEX Series of Button Makers, complete with everything you'd normally get in the start up kit plus a set of pre-cut holiday button art in both full colour and black and white (for colouring). 

          FLEX1000 Button Maker Kits

          The FLEX1000 Holiday themed hobby button maker kit comes with 3 sizes of button making dies and parts/supplies as well as pre-cut art. inexpensive gift ideas!

          The FLEX1000 is a durable multi-size button maker, made of solid metal and can make up to SIX different sizes! Die set add-ons (required to press different sizes) can be purchased separately, if you want to start small, or in a kit, for extra savings.

          FLEX2000 Button Maker Kits

           FLEX2000 Holiday Themed Hobby Button Maker machine. This cheap button maker kit comes with parts and supplies to make pinback buttons and round magnets.

          The FLEX2000 is another great all-metal button maker with interchangeable dies. While it only makes four different sizes - for now! - its sliding die system makes aligning the artwork a little easier than the FLEX1000.

          FLEX3000 Button Maker Kits

           the FLEX3000 hobby button maker is a sturdy machine with sliding dies that makes buttons in the 3" size only. The holiday kit includes pre-cut holiday themed button art.

          The FLEX3000 is the second sliding-die machine in the series and is used for making big 3" buttons (which cannot be made with the other sliding-die machine, FLEX2000).

          Gift Idea #2: For the Artist or Budding Entrepreneur

          Give the gift of entrepreneurialism and self-reliance this holiday season! : ) That's right, button making is more than just fun, it can also be a successful business opportunity for someone who is keen to turn their art into cash and can even be a supplemental service for an existing business. Given the ease of use and maintenance of the professional series of machine, it is a cheap and fast way to turn fun into profits :)

          Professional Button Maker Kits

           1-3/4" professional button maker kit with parts and supplies for 1.75" buttons

          Gift Idea #3: For the Musicians in Your Family

          Button Making Kits – Get a button maker kit to help band members make buttons to support their music. Smaller sizes like 7/8”, 1” or 1.25” are recommended!

          Pre-Pay for Custom Buttons – Don't want to invest in buying a machine, but know a musician who would love to use buttons to promote their music? Give the gift of custom buttons and we will make the buttons for them!

          band buttons. Custom buttons for bands. help promote your favourite artist this holiday season

          Guitar Pick Punches – Musicians can make their own custom picks with our guitar pick punch. They won’t have to worry about losing another pick with this handy tool!

          Guitar Pick Punch - the perfect christmas gift for musicians

          Gift Idea #4: Personalized Holiday Keepsakes

          Custom Buttons – We Make Them For You!
          Buttons make great gifts, even if you don’t want to make buttons yourself. Did you know that we can make more than just buttons? Send us your custom button artwork or photos and will we make a special gift to give out this holiday season. We can even work with you to create your custom artwork by scratch.

          Custom Jewelry - Magnetic necklace and bracelet bases let your pop your custom design in and out to be always changing your look.

          Coasters - Make a truly personalized and practical gift with a set of 3.5” round coasters this year.

          custom holiday coasters to give as gifts. make great keepsakes. personalized christmas presents.

          Bottle Openers - Like giving practical gifts? Bottle openers can be fun, but also useful. Keyring and magnetic bottle openers are also available.

          custom bottle openers. order ready to give as gifts or come into our shop and personalise them for your friends and family

          Magnets – Send out your holiday greeting or family photo as a fridge magnet this year. Different shapes are available.

          Gift Idea #5: Stocking Stuffers and Other Great Gifts - As low as $2 !

          Make-A-Button Packs - Pre-packaged button packs come with all the parts needed to make 5 buttons, including the artwork. Then kids just bring the supplies into our retail store and get started.

          Pre-Paid Make-A-Button Cards – Give a pre-paid card to someone so that they can just come into the store and make their own buttons. Make eleven buttons for the price of ten! Recipients can make one at a time or make them all at once.

          make-a-button gift pack. bring your friends to people power press and make buttons in our store

          Dry Erase Silly Face Tree Ornaments, Fridge Magnets, and Buttons – Choose from our Christmas Faces and Snowy Faces collections or have us turn your family and friends into blank faced caricatures for everyone to draw on and decorate in silly, silly ways :) Use outlines from real photos or your own graphics. Then draw, laugh, erase and repeat! Contact us for custom pricing!

          silly face christmas dry erase buttons, magnets and tree ornamentssnowy face dry erase buttons, magnets, and christmas tree ornaments

          Upcycled Library Books -These hardcover library books with coil binding make one-of-a-kind, Eco-friendly notebooks and sketch books for the environmentally friendly folks in your family :) Bound with unruled Tree Free or 100% recycled paper. Notebook (small) and Sketchbook (large) sizes available. Want a specific cover? Bring in one of your old books and we'll upcycle it into a notebook or sketchbook for you! Contact us for custom book upcycling pricing :)

          upcycled sketch books and recycled note books made from discarded library books

          Gift Idea #6: A Gift to Yourself (Preparation!)

          Do you have enough button making supplies for all your holiday button projects and parties?

          If you already have a button maker then you may already know about all of the creative ways you can use your button machine this holiday season.

          Make special gifts such as coasters, ornaments, jewelry, magnets, keychains, zipper pulls and bottle openers.

          Gift Idea #7: Gift Cards

          Still not sure? Give a Gift Card!

          If you know someone who already has a buttonmaker and is passionate about buttonmaking, but aren’t sure what machine they have or what size of buttons they make, we now have gift cards that can be purchased and redeemed online.

          Gift cards are also great if you think someone would like a button maker, but can’t afford to buy a whole kit. They will appreciate your contribution to the cost of a button making kit and supporting their button making dream.

          You can even use them towards button machine rentals!

          An Extra Note About Holiday Shipping!

          Just make sure you order your gifts and supplies in time! We recommend you place your order as soon as possible so that we have enough time to ship your order to you.

          All of our couriers get extra busy at this time of year so we don’t want any delays to upset your gifting plans. Give us a shout so we can help you determine how long shipping will take to your destination.

          Our Toronto retail store is now also open Saturdays so you can pick up items. Just call ahead to make sure we have what you need!

          Please call us today so one of our friendly sales team can answer all your questions and help you pick out the perfect button gift.

          Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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          How to Make Coasters with Your Button Maker (Practical Craft Ideas!) November 11 2015

          How to Make Coasters with Your Button Maker (Practical Craft Ideas!)

          Did you know that with the right materials, a handy coaster adapter insert and a little creativity, you can use your 3.5” Button Maker to make one-of-a-kind coasters?

          Custom Coasters People Power Press

          These coasters can give your cup or glass a fun place to land while also protecting your table. Practical and expressive - what a perfect combination!

          Coasters are also a great way to create unique and personalized gifts or souvenirs for friends, family and customers. With the holiday season just around the corner, the 3.5” Button Maker Coaster Kit with everything you need to make coasters may be just what you need!

          3.5" Button Maker and Coaster Kit

          Here’s what you need to get started:

          1 ) 3-1/2” Button Maker
          2) Coaster adapter insert to help give the coaster a flatter surface than a typical, curved, 3-1/2” button

          Coaster Die Insert for 3.5" Button Machine

          3) Coaster Parts/Supplies: Shells, Recessed Backs, Cork Discs, and Mylar (for standard glossy coasters) or laminated pre-cut art (for matte or high gloss finish coasters). For standard gloss, just orderEverything you need to make 3-1/2” Round Coastersfrom our site and you’ll get everything you need. For matte or high gloss, you’ll need to order laminated pre-cut art separately.

          Everything For Your 3.5" Button Maker - Coaster Parts

          And here’s how to do it!

          Decisions, decisions… will you choose laminate matte or glossy finish?

          When making coasters with your button maker, you can also make a choice on the finish: glossy, matte, or any other creative finishes you can come up with. Here are some things to consider:

          1. Laminating eliminates the chance of condensation between the paper and plastic, which is typically a function of humid climates – not being exposed to water. Both laminate and Mylar (the thin plastic sheet) are water resistant and can easily be wiped clean. You just don’t want to submerge the coasters in water, because the structure is made of tin and will rust and b) if it rusts or is sitting up to the brim in water for too long, the water will eventually find its way in through the seams. Regular table surface water and spills shouldn’t be an issue. The cork backing also helps, by raising it off the table.
          2. Colours pop way better with a high gloss laminate. Less plastic means more light gets to the paper, which creates greater vibrancy.
          3. Matte laminate feels nicer to the touch. Ooooh, smoooooth and satiny!
          4. Mylar shows scratches and shows wear more obviously because it is thicker and shiny.
          5. Matte laminate reduces glare, making the words on the coaster easier to read.
          6. While a warm mug will NOT melt your coaster, suction does occur between the mylar and the bottom of the mugs. This might result in the coaster lifting with the mug when someone picks it up. It will fall back off, usually on your lap or the floor – like many other coasters that you find at bars or craft shops. Laminate is melted onto the paper and doesn’t separate from the paper image (like mylar does, because it’s just layered, not melted), so no suction happens and the cup lifts off with no problems. : )

          Loving the coaster idea, but don’t want to buy a button maker? We can make them for you!

          Submit your artwork to us using our templates or using Button Designer (a free online button design program).

          You can also take advantage of our full range of design services to have us create your very own custom coasters.

          Find out more about custom coaster pricing here or contact us and we will help you create something extra special and unique!

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          Unlock the Potential of your 2-1/4" Buttonmaker! November 10 2015

          A Whole World Of Products For Your 2-1/4" Button Maker!


          Ever thought about branching out and making more items that showcase your message, art, or brand? Your 2-1/4” button maker may be the key to creating the key chains, bottle openers and magnets you've been dreaming of!

           2-1/4" Bottle Opener2-1/4" Key Chain


          You can get a variety of parts for you 2-1/4” button maker. Pocket mirrors, bottle openers, and key chains are just the beginning! Check out our website for a complete list of products available for your 2-1/4" machine.


          Everything for your 2-1/4" Button Maker


          The process is no more complicated that pressing a standard pinback button so don’t be thrown off by the different backings. If you need help navigating a new product visit our blog or YouTube channel for many helpful tricks of the trade.


          Don’t have a 2-1/4” machine? There are plenty of options available to make different items with all sorts of button makers! Check the product page associated with your button maker to get more details!

          For daily tips and ideas follow us on social media! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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          Button of the Week! - Winter is coming! November 09 2015

          Celebrate the Cooler Temperatures This Week!

          It's Monday and that means that it's time to unveil our button of the week! Every week we make a button available in the shop and this week we want to embrace the fact that winter is really coming. 

          The temperature is dropping and the sun sets at 4:30, but we've decided that instead of shying away from the cold weather, we would just embrace it! After all, winter means more than just snow, it means hockey, skiing, long johns and hot chocolate too!

          Button of the Week - Winter is Coming


          We know it's hard to get on board after our endless summer but we thought we would try to spread the love with these custom buttons. Hopefully we can hold on to these good feelings until spring! It's easy to love winter when its still above freezing but it's even easier to love our cold weather pins!

          Come into the shop this week and pick up a couple to show your winter spirit!

          Want to look at some of our past Buttons of the Week or have your own idea? Check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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