2" x 3" Rounded Rectangle Graphic Punch

Tecre Model R#2030RC Graphic Punch.

This punch is compatible with the new 2" x 3" rounded rectangular button maker T#2030RC. Use the punch to speed up cutting out your artwork for button making. Professional Circle Cutting with ease.

The new rounded rectangle button maker produces buttons that are nice to handle and do not have the pointy edges of the traditional rectangle machines. This makes this machine better for value added products like business cards, magnets and any button design you create and want to put directly into your customers hand. They will notice the difference rounded corners make in the new Tecre button maker!


The Tecre #R2030RC graphic punch is all metal construction (no plastic parts), and is compatible with most standard weight paper.  It has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Size: 14" x 3" x 6"

Weight: approximately 12 lbs

For use with Hand Press #T2030RC

Made in the U.S.A.


For use with the Tecre #T2030RC Hand Press and Standard 2" x 3" Button Supplies.
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