Our Price Promise - Best Price Guarantee

Our Button Maker Price Promise:  We will match our competitors prices and then beat them with a 10% bonus on your next order!

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Our Price Promise: Best Price Guarantee, Buy with Confidence

Button Maker Price Guarantee

If you have seen the same button maker for sale online or in a store, we will beat that price.  We do not sell on Amazon and will beat any Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Etsy, Website or retail price offer with a similar or better value deal regardless of whether we ship your button maker or you pop in to one of our stores and test the fastest, best quality button makers on the planet before you buy!

We beat our competition every day.  We will match pricing on any Button Maker or Button Making Kit (and put a 10% bonus credit on your next order) so you can buy with confidence.
There are many types and styles of button maker and we sell the widest range of button makers available from one source in North America.  We want you to get the right machine at the best price!

When price matching:

  1.    The product should be the identical product in make, brand and vintage. We can’t match the costs of second-hand or used products and products don’t compare across brands.
  2.     We will match on total cost. The total cost of the product includes acquisition charges. This means that the costs of shipping, import duties, brokerage fees and any other costs charged to permit you to buy that machine have to be part of the comparison. In other words, we can’t match the same product bought inside the country of origin of the product because our price has to include shipping and brokerage to get it outside the country of origin. If you’re in Canada though, buying that product with us will save you the higher fees charged to an individual for custom shipping and handling. We also can’t match artificially low prices on products that are compensated with high shipping and handling fees.
  3.     The comparison item must be a regular priced item and not a sale, one-off, used or liquidation product.
  4.     The contents of the comparison kit must match our kits as we put a lot in the box!
  5.     The warranty and repair terms must be equivalent. Ours are great.
  6.     You can provide a verifiable quote, website screenshot, pricelist, order or invoice with the full product and pricing information for the total cost of the delivered product. We must be able to verify that your proof is current and valid with the seller listed so you must include a url and/or contact details for the seller.
  7.     We can only match prices from legitimate retailers, not from individuals who may have lots of reasons to sell quickly and cheaply but do not intend to continue in the business.

So, if you can show us that the same machine with comparable extras and shipping charges is cheaper somewhere else, we’ll match the price we verify and then give you 10% off your next purchase with us. We reserve the right to refuse the offer if any of the conditions we list are not met. We hope that in price-checking, you’ll come to see that our deal is the best for what you get, but if you find a legitimately cheaper alternative, let us know and we’ll work even harder to get and keep your business.

Our strategy for sourcing and supplying the best possible products at the best possible price. Our button makers and button making kits are put together with care and experience. We provide the best possible equipment and supplies for button making at the best possible prices.
There is probably not a style or type of button maker on the planet that we have not tested, priced and evaluated for value for money and quality. Being one of the largest button maker retailers in North America means our buying power is substantial.  Our buying power gets our customers the best deals possible.

In a world of Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Etsy to name a few, buying a button maker has never been easier.  But easy is not always the answer.  We use and test all our products, we have 10 years experience selling button makers with feedback from our customers that began by buying a button maker 10 years ago. We still supply and service those original machines.

We see untested, poor quality machines and parts sold by companies that see button making as an extra line or an additional profit centre amongst the other lines they sell. We specialize in button making. Our knowledge and experience safeguards your investment. Try asking Amazon for the right button maker for your needs or try to get a repair or a service on your button maker.  Try buying spare parts or even getting advice on a button making process. You will probably end up calling us anyway. We have the complete package at the best possible price including full service repair if necessary.

We have the widest range of button makers and supplies on offer in North America available from one company.  We pride ourselves on stocking all the popular button makers and machines but then also some of the rare machines or machines required for a particular niche purpose provided they make buttons consistently and at the cheapest possible price. We know button making like no other!  Most of our products are made in North America, some from around the world.
None of our button makers come from China because we have not found products with the quality and price that beat our current products.  Particularly the low quality of machines and the high cost of the Chinese button parts is a barrier for us. Whilst Chinese button makers may look like a bargain at first glance, the inconsistency in manufacturing and the high cost of the non-standard replacement parts are particularly problematic. In the button making world, as consistency and reliability are key for button production.

The concept of selling a low cost machine with non-standard button parts at a very high price is a common business practice.  BadgeAminit are the leaders in this strategy with a $30 button maker that needs an odd sized button only available from them at extremely high prices.  This strategy is similar to the home printer business.  Buy a colour printer/ copier for $70 and a few weeks later pay $100 for the (tiny) replacement cartridges.  In reality it could be as much as $3 a print.

We consider a button maker an investment, for raising funds, communicating, promoting and educating. Grow your design skills and begin the "maker" experience at school, home or in your small business and begin with the right machine at the best price possible, A sound investment.

We look forward to serving you!



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