Wholesale - Bulk Buttons for Retailers

Yes you can resell People Power Press buttons and the margin is good!.  We have packages of pre-made buttons in display boxes for retailers in various categories: 

  • Bicycle Stores
  • Fair Trade & Alternative Stores
  • Coffee shops, Cafe's and bars
  • General Stores
  • Non-Profit fundraising
  • Not-for-profit tabling and awareness
button retail display box

We can also cater to your market.  You can go through our retail button selection and find ideas and images you like and then add your own CUSTOM IDEAS! Include your slogan or logo in your selection, earn $$$$ and promote your business.

Retail starter pack display for buttons 


The profit margin is good!  We give you an excellent margin.  You can earn 800% on our buttons.


We are frequently asked "Where can I buy People Power Press Buttons" so if you carry our buttons it will bring traffic to your store.  People will travel far for a good button!

You can include a batch of buttons with your logo, or your own slogan to promote your own store!  Ask us!

 Contact the Button Guy and I can set you up with our $50 starter pack.  (1 time only - retail value $400  That's an 87.5% return)

To order a starter pack online.


Contact the Button Guy



 Affiliate Program - Earn commision with your website.

To qualify for our starter pack you have to sign up and link to our website using our affiliate program.  This too may bring you income because all orders that come in through your website earn commission.  Learn about & sign up for our affiliate program here



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