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250BOYCOTT - Social Justice/Housing

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From Professor Max Trinity's Blog:

There are 22MILLION, and counting, VACANT HOMES in the USA. That does NOT include Condos, Apts, Trailers, Dormotories or Barracks! 11% of them have NEVER been lived in and a rising number are mansions.


Homelessness doesn’t exist because there are not enough homes, it exists because of “market manipulation”. It’s time to do mass move-ins and move-backs for people whose homes were stolen in the fraudclosures! Put up 250BOYCOTT signs to declare your SELF, SOVEREIGN over the Home YOU OCCUPY. AND TO SHOW OUR NUMBERS & SOLIDARITY!

The 250BOYCOTT means the worldwide permanent ban on Home rent/mortgage. It calls for the end to homes as “financial devices” or commodities and thus the end of homelessness for good. They can kettle us or freeze us out in the street. They can NEVER kick us out of EVERY OCCUPIED HOME! It’s a true win/win. Everyone gets a home that can NEVER be taken away.

By the time the 250BOYCOTT becomes common knowledge people will already be "occupying" their "foreclosed" homes in mass! Don't leave your home if you can't pay and put up 250BOYCOTT signs to show there is solidarity and that others have your back. For the rest of us, when the time is right and we'll know it, we'll ALL STOP PAYING OUR RENTS AND MORTGAGES, ALL AT ONCE!! And we'll NEVER allow our homes to be used for criminal profiteering again! Every one gets a home and no more debt. That's how WE win. 


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