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But If I Agreed With You, We'd BOTH Be Wrong - Feminist Humour

The term "agree to disagree" or "agreeing to disagree" is an English phrase that refers to the resolution of a conflict (often a debate or quarrel) whereby all parties involved will tolerate, but not accept, the opposing position(s) of the other parties.

This approach can be an effective strategy for maintaining relationships/marriages where personalities and values greatly differ between partners.

Other communication skills for marriage and partnership (from Discovery Health) include:

1: Understanding Communication Styles - Men and Women are wired differently 

2: Speaking Up - Get it off your chest before it blows up in your face

3: Communicate Without Blame - Shift your mind from blame to wonder (how are you contributing to the problem?)

4: Use Communication Tools - Each partner needs to get what he/she wants from the relationship

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