iPod - Numbing our minds

In North America we are bombarded with thousands of advertisements on a daily basis.  There are ads on TV, the radio, the internet, billboards,newspapers, magazine, sidewalks, cars, and a whole host of other places.  Some of these ads promote products that are made by sweatshop labour, or that introduce more and more pollutants into the atmosphere, or lastly that promote corrupt politicians and policies.

One way corporations guard against critical thinking is to produce something that is virgin white and clean.  ...........like ipods.  Apple would love to distance itself from problems with it's products such as coltan used in production.  Search "Coltan" you will be surprised.  Another issue with Apple products is built in obsolesence.  You buy it, you use it, it goes wrong you throw it in the landfill and you buy another leaving the landfil full of heavy metal pollution and unnecessary toxic waste.  

This adbust is a simple and courageous way of opening a discussion about the iworld as they numb our minds with slick plastic.

Available as 2" x 2" Pinback Buttons or Fridge Magnets

Also available as a pinback button or fridge magnet in 1-1/2" x 4-1/2"

Ipod mind numbing advertising 




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