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Custom Sneaker Buttons!

Great for fun runs, fundraising walks, kids camps, or back to school. Sneaker buttons are made like normal buttons, but they have an extra little loop on the back to fit your shoelace or any other thin rope or thick string through. They come in 5 sizes, 2 styles, and 1 finish (for the time being).


Largest sizes (1-3/4" & 2-1/4") are only available as INDENTED, because they would flop around a wee bit too much at this size and that would be annoying : )

Smallest size (1") is only available as FLAT, because the backs are too small to accommodate an indent (which would prevent you from being able to get your shoe lace through the loop)

Medium sizes (1-1/4" & 1-1/2") are available as both INDENTED or FLAT : ) Oh, happy medium. Oh, happy day!


"Flat" Sneaker Buttons have a smooth, flat back from which the "shoe lace clip" protrudes. These are great if you and your buttons like to let loose and dangle and jangle about : )

"Indented" Sneaker Buttons have a recessed back, so the clip sits deep into the button. This, in turn, pulls your shoe lace tighter and keeps the button nice and snug. These are great if you and your buttons like a nice, orderly, approach to self expression : )


Standard Gloss Buttons are made with a 3 mil mylar plastic cover. This is the same plastic disc you would get if you bought the parts yourself to make them in your own button maker

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