Dark Side Worshipper, Stephen Harper attacks workers

Back to work legislation is the dark side.

 June 28th 2011 - What do Darth Vader, Stephen Harper and Postal Workers have in common?

Darth Vader peddles the dark side, Stephen Harper buys it (big time) and Postal Workers pay for it.

As the conservative government takes away the rights of postal workers and eventually all workers to bargain collectively for employment rights, Canada moves another step nearer the abyss.  With a conservative majority and back to work legislation in place Harper will fulfill his agenda and attack working people, civil rights, good unionised jobs and unions.  He's reward will not come in this life, that would be corruption, but in the next.  That is the life after his term in power where he will take his place alongside other former Prime Ministers, such as Mulroney, on the board of Directors of the Corporations he has served so well.  I'm so glad we have managed to eliminate corruption.

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