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Enigma - Red - Mike Gagnon Collection

Button #113_0003

Enigma often appears from the shadows when needed and melts back into the darkness before anyone knows he’s gone. He has friends in both high and low places, with contacts everywhere. Although dark and mysterious, Enigma is unexpectedly good natured and positive, with seemingly limitless energy reserves. His loud, boisterous laugh often precedes his appearance, bringing relief to those in need and chilling the hearts of evil doers. 

This shadowy hero has been gifted with supernatural powers of intuition, empathy, perception, as well as the abilities to communicate with spirits and read a person’s body language to discern if they are lying. A rogue, a rebel, and a scruffy wanderer, Enigma has little trouble winning over others with his unique humour and charm. 

Available as a pinback button, fridge magnet, keychain, pocket mirror or sticker. Various sizes.

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