Parts & Supplies for the 2-1/4" FLEX2000 Die Set


2-1/4" Button Parts and accessories for the FLEX2000 Button Maker with 2-1/4" Die Set

On this page we have all available supplies for the FLEX2000 Button Maker with 2-1/4" Die Set in 3 pack sizes:  100, 500 or 1000's.

Pinbacks are also available in packs of 5000 and 10,000. If other quantities are required, please contact us.

Choose your item and your packsize using the dropdown menus above.
Common Uses

2-1/4" is one of the most common button sizes, often used for elections, photos, make-your-own-button stands, and campaign buttons.

2-1/4" buttons are also the most popular size for schools, daycare centres, summer camps, and educational institutions. This is because the size is easy for kids to draw and colour on or cut out pictures with. The big sized shells are also easier to separate and handle than smaller shells and the pre-pinned backs make it easier and safer for kids to handle (no choking and fewer poking hazards - an adult should always be present to supervise machine use and hand pinned backs to children, checking to make sure the pins are closed, as the clasps may open during transit).

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