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I Believe! - Santa/Christmas

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To Believe or Not to Believe in Santa... what is best for our children?

Argument FOR Santa Argument AGAINST Santa
(from the University of Montreal on
(from Austin Cline's article on

Yes, we should embrace the Santa Claus tradition because...
No, we should not perpetuate the fable of Santa Claus because...

1. When children learn the truth, they typically go along with the game so that younger children will believe in Santa and have the same wonderful memories and experience that they had as a young child.
1. Parents have to lie to their children and that lie has to grow as the children grow and question how Santa pulls off his feats. This discourages skepticism and critical thinking while encouraging absolute faith in a non-existent person. 
2. The process becomes a rite of passage in which children discover they are no longer babies.
2. The reward and punishment system of Santa Claus is unjust
3. Belief in Santa diminishes naturally as children approach the age of reason 3. Santa Claus promotes materialism
4. Parents believe it makes their children happy 4. The portrayal of Santa Claus is too similar to Jesus and God
5. 94-98% of children do not feel betrayed about the "lie"/myth/tradition upon it's discovery
5. Santa Claus is more about parents than children


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