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If You Want Breakfast In Bed, Sleep In The Kitchen!

Wives, especially those who are mothers, are very busy people. If you are a husband and want your breakfast in bed, you have two options: 1) Sleep in the kitchen 2) Make breakfast in bed for your wife and she just might return the favor sometime. 

Here are some tips for successfully preparing an impressive morning meal (courtesy of Wikihow)

1. Get a tray that has small sides on it - to avoid tipping 

2. Decide ahead of time what you'll make for her breakfast.

3. Prepare the breakfast as quietly as possible, so that you won't wake her up.

4. Pour any liquids only 3/4 of the way - to avoid spilling

5. Add some nice touches, like flowers etc.

6. When you bring the breakfast, put it aside while you prepare the area (fluff her pillows and make her more comfortable)

7. Put on some music and/or stick around and chat while she eats

8. Clean up when she's done :)

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