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Leave The Tree in The Forest - Christmas 1

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Maybe what we need is an alternative Christmas.

If you must remove a tree from a forest, considering buying a potted one that you can put back after the holidays!  

Steps for planting a living Christmas tree (from WikiHow):

1. After the holidays, place on the sheltered porch or in a garage for several days to readjust to cold temperatures

2. Choose a planting site that has well-drained soil, full sun and that is big enough for the tree’s size

3. Make sure the dug hole is the same depth, but at least 2-5 times wider, than the root ball

4. Place the dug soil on a tarp, in a bucket, etc

5. Remove the burlap or container and cut/loosen encircling roots that may inhibit growth

6. Put the tree in the hole and fill with the soil you put aside after digging the hole

7. If you can, make sure the tree is planted at the same depth it was grown at the nursery

8. If you know that the ground around the tree will freeze, mulch it with two to three inches of a good mulch

 See below for a video on how to replant a living Christmas tree


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