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Special** 4mil Mylar for 2-1/2" round buttons - pack of 100 extra thick mylar

We have a limited quantity of 4mil Mylar for 2-1/2" buttons.  Mylar is the clear plastic, waterproof cover for the face of the button.  Use 4 mil mylar to get a different effect on your buttons. Mylar is the plastic cover that makes buttons shiny (or matt) and makes buttons water resistant so they can be worn on backpacks for example and the rain is not a concern. 4 mil mylar is a very thick mylar, standard mylar is 3 mil so this has a further effect on the look of the button.

Only a few packs of extra thick mylar left and available in packs of 100 in mylar for 2-1/2" only.

Actual size is 2-59/64" or 2.92" Round

Clearance item # 385685

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