Machine Tune-Ups and Maintenance Services May 10 2016

Every once in a while your trusty hand press might benefit from a bit of TLC.

People Power Press can help you keep that machine in tip-top condition with our maintenance services :) If your machine needs a little more than a simple tune-up, there is also advanced maintenance available

If you want to try to do a machine tune-up on your own, we have resources for that too! Check out this comprehensive video showing you how to maintain your machine.



Below is a checklist that's a great reference if you're attempting a tune-up on your own.  The machine diagram below will help you figure out where all of the parts are on your machine:

  • Check, lubricate and tighten top bolts & shim - silicon spray
  • Check Lubricate and tighten handle - silicon spray
  • Lubricate beveled edge on crimp die - silicon stick
  • Lubricate top die - silicon stick
  • Lubricate between die table and base plate - lithium grease
  • Check and tighten brass bolts and flat head bolts on underside of base plate


Next time your machine is in need of a tune-up feel free to get in touch :) We can help you place an order for maintenance services, or guide you through any tune-up troubles you may experience!