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Our Ottawa Button Boutique is Now Open! | Custom Buttons Ottawa September 07 2018

We are growing! If you have been on our website or placed an order you may have noticed mention of an Ottawa Button Store location. 

Well, it's true - the People Power Press Button Boutique is now open for gifts and crafts on Preston Street in Ottawa's Little Italy neighbourhood. And we are loving it. 

people power press ottawa

The People Power Press Button Boutique - More Than Just Buttons

Many of the same things available in the Toronto store are also available in Ottawa. You can pick up supplies and custom button orders and rent machines. Ottawa customers can now save on shipping costs, yay! and Little Italy has a new craft store for hobbies, gifts and crafts like screen printing and block printing as well as a button shop.

gifts and crafts, little Italy ottawacraft store little italy


Ottawa Themed Novelty Items and Souvenirs

You can also see many of the other products we now have in our Toronto store - buttons, mugs and stickers. We are also carrying a range of fun and unique products that are not all button related in both stores and you will see.

We also have a special collection of Ottawa themed novelty items and souvenirs that is always being expanded.

ottawa button shopottawa gifts and crafts


Ottawa Button Store Location and Hours

If you live in Ottawa or the National Capital Region and want to visit us, here is where we are:

People Power Boutique
169 Preston Street

"Little Italy"
Ottawa, ON  K1R 7P6

Phone: 613-230 8484

Hours: Wednesday to Saturday Noon till 7pm, Saturday.

Please call to confirm we're open!

We are really thrilled with the response and welcome we've had so far Ottawa. And it has been so nice to finally meet some of our Ottawa customers who have been ordering with us online. 



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Silhouettes Dance Company Gets Motivated University of Toronto Students a Place to Move | Custom Stickers Toronto September 04 2018

Well, it is back to school for some of us this week. 

Starting university is a big commitment that sometimes means ending or putting on hold other hobbies or activities while picking up the responsibilities of a new school schedule. 

There are a group of students at the University of Toronto who haven't wanted to give up their passion: dance. So they have created Silhouettes Dance Company, a performance-based company, to keep on dancing while also balancing their academic workload. 

This student-run group gets dancers of a variety of genres together to bond and continue training, with an original year-end performance as the culmination of their efforts throughout the school year. The year-end show usually happens in March before Spring exams. They also perform at various events throughout the community. 

Custom Bottle Opener Silhouettes Dance Company University of Toronto

The company is now getting ready for another great year of dance. They hold auditions in September be sure to follow them on social media for audition dates. So they had their logo put onto 1-inch custom stickers - and a 2-1/4" custom bottle opener! Who says you have to get custom buttons? 

This dance company, being entirely student-run, is always looking for help to fund their work. Donations and sponsors are welcome. You can contact them directly to find out more!

See what the Silhouettes Dance Company is up to online:

Instagram: @silhouettesdance 

YouTube: Silhouettes Dance Company Channel

Facebook: @silhouettesdancecompany 



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Toronto Funny Guy Anesti Danelis Taking Fringe Show International / Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 August 24 2018

Toronto musical and sketch comedian Anesti Danelis is headed to the 2018 Endinburgh Fringe Festival this August with his successful fringe show Songs for a New Order. 

The show debuted in Toronto at last year's Toronto Fringe Festival and even got its own run at The Second City comedy club. He also performed the show at the 2018 Montreal Fringe Festival in June. 

Anesti Danelis Funny Fringe Festival Buttons

He will be performing Aug 2 - 18 at the Scottish festival and is these 1-1/4" custom buttons will be making the trip with him. This popular and wearable button size is perfect for artists performing at fringe or other shows. Sell them at the show or hand them out to the audience to say thanks. 


When not performing Songs for a New Order, Danelis can be seen in web shorts that he posts on Facebook and YouTube. You should also keep tabs on his Shows page to see where he will be performing next. He is a skilled improv artist, having trained with The Second City Toronto and Bad Dog Theatre Company and performs at various shows and comedy festivals regularly. He also has a comedy album in the works. 

Find Danelis online in these places if you are looking for a good laugh:

YouTube: Anesti Danelis Channel

Website: www.anestidanelis.com

Facebook: @anestidanelis

Instagram: @anestidanelis


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Join Robot Field Tests this Summer with Bowie and Robot Missions | Custom Buttons Ottawa July 16 2018

Have you ever seen a robot in action? If you would like to while also helping the environment, you can head over to Ottawa's Westboro Beach to take part in a great citizen science project. Robot Missions will be running Field Tests throughout the summer with Bowie the Robot to clean up the beach.

All members of the community and visitors to the area are invited to participate. No experience is needed. This is also a great introduction for children to see robots in action in a very purposeful way.

custom buttons ottawa

We love making more custom 1-1/2" round buttons and custom 1-1/2" square buttons that feature Bowie the Robot and the Catalyst Pod to mark another set of Field Tests.

Robot Missions is the brainchild of inventor Erin Kennedy who wanted to use robots to create a social impact. The vision is for the robots (there multiple Bowies that have been made) to work autonomously to identify and clear debris from beaches and other areas. The robots have been made mostly with a 3D printer.

To date 250 people have participated in Robot Missions Field Tests and robots have collected 3.1 kilograms of debris.

These robots would give parks an automated way to clean parks with very little cost, while also accessing difficult areas of the park.

Current Field Test dates are in July and August. Sign up for one of the Field Test dates to take part in this great activity for all ages.

If you aren't in Ottawa this summer, you should still head over to the Robot Missions website or follow along on social media to see these robots in action and learn more about what Kennedy and partners are up to. You can see footage from the field tests and see what kind of debris they have picked up.

Such cool stuff!

Twitter: @RobotMissions or @RobotGrrl 
Facebook: @RobotMissions 
Website: www.robotmissions.org 


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Laugh with Comedian Anjali Sandhu at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival | Custom Buttons Winnipeg July 13 2018

Comedian Anjali Sandhu wants to make it clear: she is not Taylor Swift.

But one thing is for sure, she is very funny and you can experience her humour firsthand at her upcoming 2018 Winnipeg Fringe Festival show "I'm Not Taylor Swift."

Anjali Sandhu Comedy Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Sandhu is in her early twenties, but she has been doing standup since 2011 when she was just a teenager. "I'm Not Taylor Swift" is a 30-minute solo show that has 8 showings throughout the festival that runs July 18-29.

We got to make these fun custom 1-3/4" buttons to support her show.

You can find more info and get your tickets here.

Get the whole Winnipeg Fringe Festival lineup here.

If you are not in Winnipeg or can't see her show at the festival, follow her online to experience some of her funny and see where she will be next:

Instagram: @anjaliXIII

Facebook: @AnjaliComedy

Twitter: @anjaliXIII



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Catapult Brewing Company July 09 2018

Is it just us or is beer synonymous with summer for you too? 

Toronto has given rise to a number of great local breweries in recent years, but we are really excited to support one of the newest - Catapult Brewing. 

custom buttons for local brewery

Founded by wife and husband team Sherry Lin and John Thompson, Catapult is making its rounds through the city this summer after officially launching in the Spring.

The first beer on tap from Catapult is an American Pale Ale and they have just introduced a Kolsch-style Lagered Ale. Thirsty yet?

We have been making custom promotional pins for Catapult since the Spring and are just thrilled to be working this great local company with a great product. We wish them loads of success as they continue to be discovered and to expand. 

You can find Catapult beer at local Toronto restaurants and festivals in and around the city for now, but they are growing so watch for updates about where to find this great new beer on their social media pages or sign up through their website to get the latest updates in your inbox.

Instagram: @catapultbrewing
Facebook: @Catapultbrewing 
Website: www.catapultbrewing.com


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Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society July 05 2018

Pride events are continuing this summer across the country and our friends at the Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society (VLSCS) are going to be busy this July taking part in various Pride events across Vancouver Island.

victoria lesbian seniors support

Along with these bright 2.25" logo buttons, members from VLSCS will be at the Esquimalt Farmer's Market on July 5th and then will be at the Nanaimo, BC Pride Picnic on July 8th.

The group's tagline is "Amazing women doing amazing things!" and we'd have to agree. It is their mission to support the health and social needs of lesbians as they age. This work is meant to help ensure safe and accessible spaces for building community and enabling social interaction through social action and public education

If you would like to work with VLSCS, or find out more about the work they do - and stay on top of their full calendar of events - please do head over to their vibrant website.

You can also email them directly at hello@amazingwomen.ca.



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Trade Tariff Troubles: #BoycottUSA Buttons #BuyCanadian July 04 2018

Whether you’re for or against the movement, you’ve probably heard about the Canadian boycott on American goods in light of a Trump-Trudeau trade tariff scuffle.

Things took a turn for the worst at the G7 summit when Trump criticized Trudeau's comments for being “dishonest” and “weak.” The icing on the cake was when White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro said there was a “special place in hell” for our Prime Minister.

 boycott usa buttons

Hashtags have been popping up on social media too, urging Canadians to #BoycottUSProducts and #BuyCanadain. It definitely makes sense to “vote with your pocketbook,” but as a nation that has imported almost $100 Billion USD in 2018 alone, is a boycott really in the best interest of our country?

Some say yes, and have sworn off imports like Florida oranges and wine from California. Even daily staples like a Starbucks coffee is off the menu in favor of Canadian alternatives (Timmies anyone?).

This great article written by Maclean’s has a list of common American-made products and their accessible domestic alternatives.

Others believe that boycotting American products could be detrimental to the well- being of both Canada and the United States. Historically speaking, countries prosper when trade is flourishing, and history knows best, right?

The situation gets even more precarious because most American farmers are AGAINST the proposed tariffs and are all for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Are you partaking in the USA Boycott? If so, what kind of changes are you making to #BuyCanadian?

For the full story with all the details, check out this article by The Globe and Mail.


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Up The Bloc Indoor Rock Climbing Destination | Custom Buttons Mississauga June 25 2018

If you have ever done rock climbing or are thinking of trying it out, you want to check out Up The Bloc, an amazing indoor rock climbing space in Mississauga, just west of Toronto. It is an awesome experience with a 11,000 square foot facility that contains over 5,000 square feet of climbing space.

custom merch mississauga

It has something for beginners, experts and everyone in between:

  • 8 bouldering curcuits
  • 120 + problems to keep you busy

What is really cool about this space is that Up The Bloc has been designed to be a community. You can sign up to be a member, they have a training area, a coffee/juice bar and wifi so you have space to hang out. There are events and they have a ton of great Up The Bloc merchandise.

up the bloc toronto rock climbing indoor

Which leads us to the latest custom 1.25" buttons we made for them. We love the colourful design so much and hope you do too. From the space down to these pins, the folks at Up The Bloc know great design and we are big fans.

Check them out to see what we mean:

Website: www.upthebloc.com
Facebook: @upthebloc
Instagram: @up_the_bloc
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/upthebloc



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Positive Space Network | Custom Buttons Halton Region June 20 2018

Pride Month is underway, which is a great time for celebration, but it is so crucial for LGBTQ+ youth, individuals and families to feel welcome and supported in our communities all year round. 

In Halton Region it is the mission of the Positive Space Network to realize this fully by working to support inclusive communities in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Acton and Georgetown. They provide a range of programming and training for the diverse population of Halton Region. 

halton lgbtq+ support

We got to make these sweet 1" logo pins featuring the new PSN logo just in time for Halton Pride events across the region. If you are out at any Pride events in the area, be sure to track down the folks at PSN and find out more about their important work. Snag a pin if you can too! 

Want to find out more about PSN now? You can find them online in these places:

Facebook: @PositiveSpaceNetworkCA

You can also reach out to them directly at psnyouth@rockonline.ca or are in crisis you can call their 24 Hour Crisis Support Line 905-878-9785.

And if you are thinking custom pins for Pride, it is not too late to place your order! We can make custom logo pins for you with your own design or you can choose  from our new LGBTQ+ Collection, We have no order minimums and super fast turnarounds to get you your pins in time for your event. Reach out to us today for more information!


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We Wholesale Custom Buttons! We Wholesale Fun! June 18 2018

It's great when you have a serious business but you know your business is a lot of fun and button making and custom buttons are fun and we find ourselves wholesaling fun on an ever increasing scale.

we wholesale custom buttons, we wholesale funThere is nothing like walking into a school building or event carrying a couple of button makers and you hear a ground swell of noise rising as kids see the button makers and get excited.

Buttons are serious business for a lot of our customers so we really do wholesale fun.



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#RefugeesBelong Pins to March for World Refugee Day on June 20 June 18 2018

According to the United Nations, 20 people leave their home and everything they know every single minute. They are escaping war, terror and persecution.

June 20 is World Refugee Day, when the focus is turned to those people who have fled their homes and their countries out of fear.

world refugee day 2018 toronto

It is a day to show support for refugees and their families; to recognize their strength, courage and perseverance.

It is also a day to take a stand for the work being done to support refugees and what still needs to be done.

world refugee day 2018

There are marches and events happening in cities and communities all over the world.

Here in Toronto there will be a march hosted by Amnesty International and other local organizations that work to support refugees. It begins at 9:30 in Dundas Square (downtown Toronto intersection of Yonge and Dundas) and will be a walk through the community stopping at 6 community organizations along the way. The walk will end in Regent Park with a lunch happening from 12-2pm. Anyone looking to participate can attend any or all of the event. Contact info for the event can be found here.

These custom campaign pins featuring #RefugeesBelong will be part of the event. 2.25" round buttons are a great size and shape for community marches and walks.

You can also learn more about World Refugee Day 2018 and find resources on the United Nations website.

"This not about sharing a burden. It is about sharing a global responsibility, based not only the broad idea of our common humanity but also on the very specific obligations of international law. The root problems are war and hatred, not people who flee; refugees are among the first victims of terrorism." — UN Secretary-General, António Guterres



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First Aid and CPR-Certified Buttons to Get Your Medical Message Across Clearly June 13 2018

So does everyone know who has CPR training in your school, business or office? Where is the First Aid kit located? Is it easy to find? Are you traveling with medical equipment and need an easy way to identify it when going through an airport?

Custom medical buttons and magnets can be super useful communication tools in the workplace and various public spaces. Medical buttons and magnets help to easily and clearly communicate important information to people. 

first aid buttons

For example, if you have staff that works with the public, you can ask staff members who have CPR training to wear a CPR-certified pin so that everyone can easily access help if in distress.

You can also have First Aid buttons and magnets visible so employees and the public can access first aid tools quickly. First Aid magnets can be stuck onto cabinets or other magnetic surfaces to make very clear where the First Aid kit and/or supplies are located. 

medical buttons

These custom pins, if designed with clear designs and images can even help those who may not speak the official language or are non-verbal to get help from the right place. 

You can choose from one of our pre-made designs or we can come up with a custom design that works for you to get your medical message across. We recommend a larger mid-size button or magnet like the 2-1/4" size shown here so the message stands out clearly. This is not a job for a small button size.



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Exciting Music - and Custom Buttons - from Toronto Singer-Songwriter Poesy June 06 2018

Poesy is an exciting Canadian artist you want to check out if you haven't yet.  

toronto singer poesy


The name is familiar if you watched the first season of CTV's The Launch. She was the winning singer on her episode of the singing competition show that featured Shania Twain, Alessia Cara, Fergie, Boy George, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue as mentors.

Her hit song that was launched on the show, Soldier of Love, was also played on the hit TV drama This is Us. 

We made these custom 1.25" artist buttons for her. She has a unique sound that is ethereal and edgy at the same time. The airy illustrations on the buttons do seem to capture her sound. 

poesy soldier of love

While she is working on new music, she is still performing. Toronto and Hamilton peeps she has shows coming your way in June! She is performing with a lineup of great bands at the Horseshoe Tavern on June 23rd and in Hamilton on June 30th at Mills Hardware

And you can follow along with her journey online. She has a great Wednesday Vinyl feature.

Official Website:  www.poesyofficial.com
Twitter: @poesyofficial
Facebook:  @poesyofficial
Instagram: @poesyofficial
YouTube: Poesy Official Channel



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Somewhere Over the Rainbow ... Are These Dance Recital Buttons for the Swansea School Of Dance May 31 2018

"I would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry if I only had a brain."

There will lots of merry dancing when the Swansea School of Dance presents "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" as their annual recital on June 1st and 2nd. There are 3 performances to choose from - Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. All shows will be at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the CNE Grounds. 

Based on the beloved Wizard of Oz, the show is the result of months of hard work and preparation by all of the dancers at the Swansea School of Dance. We had the pleasure of making these fun  custom 1.25" pins for the show. They feature Dorothy and friends as they embark on their magical adventure on the Yellow Brick Road and the dance recital will bring that magical adventure to life!

The school is based in Toronto's Bloor West Village neighbourhood and offers dance programming to all levels and ages of dancers from 2 years old to adults. 

dance school recital buttons

You can dance your way over to their website to learn about what programs they offer to boys and girls. They teach a range of dance genres including Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Creative Movement and Modern Dance. Dancers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to learn the technical aspects of dance in a non-competitive environment to build their confidence and explore their own creative expression. 

If you are a parent or caregiver and live in and around Toronto's Bloor West Village, this may be the perfect place for your kids to learn to dance and express themselves.

Contact us if you'd like to make buttons for an upcoming event like a dance recital or concert. Buttons make great, affordable souvenirs. 


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Small Logo Buttons to Support Community Radio Station CJRU (Ryerson) | Custom Buttons Toronto May 29 2018

community radio merchandise

We need good sounds around the button shop to keep us going. We have varied tastes around here, so you can find us listening all kinds of music, podcasts and ...community radio! 

So we can honestly say we appreciate the work of community radio stations like Ryerson University's CJRU The Scope. And streaming means so many great community stations are available online so the choices are unlimited. You can check them out wherever you are in the world! (Dooooo it!)

The Scope is a way to connect the campus community at Toronto's Ryerson University, but just a quick look at programming you will see something for everyone, even if you aren't part of Ryerson. Take a listen and you will see what we mean!

The folks at CJRU often show up at events around Toronto so you may see these custom 7/8" logo pins around. There are two great designs and both are perfect examples of what to put on a teeny tiny 7/8" button. There isn't much space, but this super wearable size are a good choice for logo pins that listeners can leave on a coat or bag to show their support. This 7/8" size is the smallest custom button size around and we love it.

We also recently made these custom 7/8" logo pins that popped too with a great and simple design.  

Want your own small logo pins to give your supporters? Get in touch and we will get you what you need!

buttons for Ryerson radio station CJRU

If you would like to find out more about CJRU The Scope, you can find them in all these places:

Website: www.cjru.ca 
Twitter: @CJRU1280 
Facebook: @ScopeatRyerson 
Instagram: @CJRU1280

If you are looking for a change in your usual listening, we highly recommend checking out their shows! 



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6 Ways Buttons Can Make the Perfect Summer Camp (or Camp Themed) Souvenir! May 24 2018

What says summer like summer camp?

Around here we know Summer is around the corner when we start making custom buttons for summer camps. 

custom buttons for summer camps

1. Custom Camper Buttons Personalized for Each Camper

We make camper buttons for a number of camps each year. Each custom buttons is personalized to include each camper's name and year.

The camp pins can also be printed on coloured paper to identify different groups of campers and staff. 

One of our awesome customers is Forest Cliff Camp in London, Ontario area. They make a variety of buttons that are coloured for different years, but also make buttons for campers as awards for things like kindness and friendship. 

2. Get a Button Maker to Make Your Own Camp Buttons 

Some of our camp customers also like to do the button making themselves and incorporate button making into their camp activities with the kids. Get your own button maker start-up kit and supplies to make buttons all summer long!

Forest Cliff Camp has a 2-1/4" button maker to make buttons that their campers love. They have a few different types of buttons they make:

"[Our] happy camper buttons are given to each camper at the end of the week in our graduation ceremony for overnight summer camp", says day camp director John Burkholder.  "The award buttons are given to each camper at our day camp, at the end of the week and they are recognized in our closing ceremony with all the parents."

camper buttons

They also ordered pre-cut circles (see pictured) with their designs to make button making a breeze.  

3. Button Making for Hands On Learning

If you are in the Toronto area, you can even hire our Events Team to come and show the campers how to make buttons. We bring all the supplies and machines you need, including custom artwork if necessary.

custom buttons london

Want to just have the kids make buttons? That's easy. Or we will work with you to make a tailored button making workshop that ties in what campers are learning about. This is a great activity for day camps and summer programs in the city. Contact us with your event ideas and we'll talk with you about options. 

4. Camp Themed Wedding Favours and Decor

Are you a couple who met at summer camp and are now getting married? Or are you a couple that is holding your wedding at a summer camp site? Have fun and include camp themed wedding favours for your special day. This can be done as table settings or place settings that include the camp's logo along with the table number or guests name.

Buttons can be made without the pin for a flat back that can be attached to another surface easily or with a magnet that the guest can then take home as a souvenir. So many options! Just get in touch with our awesome customer service folks to find out more. 

Custom Summer Camp Themed Buttons for Weddings

5. Nostalgic Camp Buttons for Reunions

Consider having camper buttons for your camp reunion, big or small. Seeing the old camp logo on a button will instantly bring back all those summer camp memories.

Super simple and affordable, but personal, nostalgic camp buttons make fantastic and fun camp reunion souvenirs. 

6. Custom Camp Buttons for Donors and Fundraising

If part of your camp's fundraising efforts includes holding a special event like a golf tournament or gala dinner, consider making camper buttons for donors.

Custom camp buttons provide a simple, inexpensive way to thank your donor in a personalized way while also staying on theme. As a donor they get to be honorary campers!

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Through Ruff Times: How One Toronto Group is Helping Folks and Their Pets Stay Together May 18 2018

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LGBTQ+ Pride Button Series - Made to Order Buttons May 16 2018

Every year Pride events across the country bring together the LGBTQ community and its allies to celebrate, and those celebrations continue to grow. 

We make a lot of custom buttons for Pride events across North America and are now happy to introduce our very own LGBTQ+ Rights Button Series.

toronto pride buttons

These pin designs are the latest installment in our growing People Power Press Social Justice Merchandise Collection. To date this collection of social justice merch also includes designs to support Women's Empowerment and Anti-Racism.

These pins are available in 6 different designs in 2 sizes with 2 different coloured backgrounds to choose from. They are available in 1-1/4" Blue and 1-1/4" White or 2-1/4" Blue and 2-1/4" White.

pride pins canada pride parade merchandisesupport lgbtq+ rights ontario

pride buttons for workplacelove always wins pinsanti-prejudice items

While larger cities may have better established Pride organizations, we understand that smaller communities and groups may be operating with smaller teams and budgets or just getting off the ground. These new designs can made to order to support Pride festivities in your communities. So you can resell the designs as a fundraiser or just hand them out as giveaways. We can also add your logo or organizations website to these designs to make them yours and direct others to find out more about you!

We've made things easy by creating a number of designs you can use to make buttons, stickers or any other custom product we make and we are one of the few high production button shops that have no order minimum so you can order as many or as few buttons as you'd like. 

These buttons can be purchased as an individual wanting to show their support and express themselves or can be ordered in larger quantities to be used by organizations at Pride events or throughout the year. Use them as part of your fundraising efforts or just hand them out at your events or to employees in the workplace to promote LGBTQ+ rights

Please contact us today about how these buttons can support LGBTQ+ rights in your communities and share the message of love.  And we will also, of course, make Pride buttons with your own custom design. 


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Buttons are in Bloom for Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre and Spring into Parkdale Event May 11 2018

One of the best things about Spring in the city is all the great neighbourhood festivals that start happening to see new parts of the city and interact with members of the community. 

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre is one fantastic community group that will be out for the Spring into Parkdale Sidewalk Festival & Night Market happening in Toronto's awesome west end 'hood on May 12th. Some have called this the best annual event in Parkdale, if you are looking for something to do in Toronto. 

parkdale queen west community health

The Parkdale Queen West CHC is going to be set up with a booth - and these custom 2-1/2" buttons - outside the Parkdale Library on Cowan Avenue. 

h is an intergral part of the Parkdale community offering various services including primary health care, dental care, harm reduction, health promotion, counselling, and community development programming. They operate throughout the community and at three main clinic locations serving members of the south-west Toronto service area that does extend beyond Parkdale.

Buttons are a great idea for festivals and other community events like this one. They help identify vendors, can be given away as inexpensive giveaways and sold as a simple yet effective fundraiser. A button maker at your booth also is a fun way to draw people to your booth. 


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Souvenir Pins for PhotoEd Magazine’s Educators Photography Field Trip May 10 2018

If you’ve been reading this blog you know how we feel about using buttons and button making in education. We love when educators can use a variety of tools to expand learning in the classroom and find ways to take that learning out of the classroom.

So we are digging PhotoED Magazine’s recent exclusive field trip for photography teachers and other educators looking to use photography students including community arts program directors, youth leaders and mentors. The May 6 event introduced a variety of tools and resources for educators to use photography with students.

photoed magazine for photography canada

We made these sweet little buttons for PhotoED to give out as a custom souvenirs to all the participants. These are custom 7/8" buttons, the smallest button available, which are great for souvenirs because they are super wearable. People are more likely to pin these to a bag or jacket and not take them off. 

Taking place in Toronto, the event included learning how to lead a photo walk with Project Kids and Cameras, learning about products from FujiFilm and Flixel, a tour of various Toronto galleries and more! 

If you are an educator in the Toronto-area, you can find out more about the awesome day here. Make sure you get on the list to be part of the next event. 

If you aren’t an educator or in Toronto, but want to take in some amazing photography, be sure to check out PhotoED magazine. Following them on Instagram, Facebook  and Twitter will fill your feeds with some remarkable photography. 



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Usher in Spring with Sakura Flowers Button Cards Just in Time for Cherry Blossom Season! May 07 2018

It seems Spring is finally here. (No more ice storms in April, okay?)

To celebrate the coming of Spring we have created these pretty little Sakura Flowers Spring Button Cards

These button cards are blooming just ahead of the real Cherry Blossom season in Toronto's High Park, which is near our retail shop. If you are in the store to pick up buttons, do see if you can book some extra time make a trip to see the flowering trees in all their glory. 

Sakura Cherry Blossom Pinback Button Card

Each card carries an uplifting message (there are 2 messages to choose from) and includes a 1-1/2" pinback button with a delightful cherry blossom pattern. 

Choose from one of two messages: 

"No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn"  

"Just Like Spring, You Bring Love and Joy to Everything"

These button cards are great for any season though as their sweet messages can serve as little pick-me-ups whatever the weather! 

Check out the rest of our Button Greeting Card Collection!

And if you are in Toronto or planning a visit soon, be sure to check out High Park's Cherry Blossoms. Sure they will start flooding your Instagram feed, but always so much better in person! You can even check the status of the flowering trees on this handy website

Happy Spring!!



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Nashville's Hot Chicken (and These Custom Stickers) to Take Over Toronto's Junction with Chica's Chicken Grand Opening! May 04 2018

We are pretty pumped to have a new neighbour and a new spot to send our folks looking for a good place to eat after picking up their button supplies and custom button orders at our Toronto retail location.

Chica's Chicken is serving up Nashville's hot fried chicken in Toronto's west end Junction neighbourhood and it looks good. Really good.

custom stickers for restaurants canada

The grand opening is May 4th and it looks like we aren't the only ones excited. blogTO has said they are one of Toronto's most anticipated restaurant openings this Spring.

And if get a chance to get your hands on some Chica's Chicken, you may see the custom stickers we made for them with their logo. Didn't know we did stickers? Oh we do and they are great for restaurants looking for simple and inexpensive ways to brand their packaging.

best toronto restaurants

You can check out Chica's Chicken - and start drooling - on Instagram and Facebook.

Welcome to the neighbourhood!



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Buttons for #REDforED Movement to Support Arizona Teachers Standing Up for Education May 03 2018

Teachers in Arizona are making headlines right now for walking off the job as part of the #REDforED movement. At publishing of this blog, they have been off the job for 6 days. 

arizona teachers buttons

We got to make these custom 1" buttons to support Arizona Educators United as educators and other citizens across the state take action to see real change in how the state funds education and how teachers are paid. 

Among some of the facts for those of us who didn't know:

  • Arizona teachers are among the lowest paid in the entire country.
  • Over $1 Billion has been cut from the education budget since the recession in 2008.
  • Over 2000 teaching positions are unfilled. 

If you would like to learn more about the #REDforED watch the video below. You can also visit the Arizona Educators United website for more resources and get clear steps for action. Arizona Educators United is a coalition of teachers, educational support workers, administrators and any else who cares about the state of education in Arizona.

You can show them your support and contact your government officials to make sure they know how you feel. Follow for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Not in Arizona? Then use their action to support your own action to stand for educators in your community and support quality education for your community's children. 

stand up for quality education

Wearing buttons has long been a way to show support for various causes. This #REDforED button provides a great example of a protest button design. Combining an old tried and true medium like buttons with the modern hashtag and bright colour, the message is clear and accessible for others to understand and share. 

If you are considering custom buttons as part of your toolkit of your cause or movement, please reach out to us to discuss what custom button options are available to you.  


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