Get Patio-Ready with DIY and Custom Coasters July 07 2016

Custom and DIY coasters from People Power Press

Summer is here! And for us, that means sitting in the backyard and enjoying some sunshine with a lemonade in hand.

You can get patio-perfect too with some summer button coasters! All you need are the parts, a press and coaster die insert (also available with in-store rentals!) and a little bit of creativity to make the perfect summer craft!

This How-To video will guide you on your coaster-making journey:




DIY and Custom coasters are the perfect thing for guests to take home at weddings or family reunions. A set of coasters would make an amazing gift for a special occasion or housewarming! We even have customers who have small businesses selling the coasters they make at craft shows and markets!

If you make some coasters, buttons, or magnets that you think the world should see, post a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us :) We love to show off the creations of our fellow buttoneers!

You can order custom coasters here!

Or supplies to make your own  with your 3.5" Button Machine

to make coasters with your 3.5" button machine you will also need a Coaster Die Insert.