Button Guy in Montreal at the new Custom Button Store in Quebec October 08 2014

 We had a great year in Quebec in 2019.  Our best year yet so to thank all our customers in Montreal, Quebec City and right through the province we are starting 2019 with a discount code.

322 visitors have used this code for custom buttons and button parts in quebec so far as of July 2019

$20 of orders in Quebec if you spend $100 or more.   Use discount code: Quebec2016thankyou$20 at checkout and get $20 bucks off.  Just because you're in Quebec.  Valid for a limited time only.  We reserve the right to make changes to refuse or make changes to this discount button offer.  Available on Custom Buttons, Button Machines and Button Parts. So come on down and celebrate buttons in Quebec.

I hopped in the car and took the trip to Montreal to see how Nic is doing setting up the custom button store in Montreal.

It’s very cool.  He's not setup yet but the opening party is this Friday in Montreal.  They’ve got it all: Button Making Machines, Button Parts and a really fast setup for Custom Buttons.  Nic is after all the fastest button maker on the planet!

 Checkout the Button Store in Montreal here

Here are some pics:

custom buttons in Montreal

Button Store Montreal

Bomacaron Button Shop Quebec

Button Shop Quebec