Identifying your button size for ordering. June 17 2011 3 Comments

Having problems knowing what size button maker you have?

Want to know how to identify your button maker?


Usually the model # represents the size for Tecre button Makers. I was asked what size is a model #275:
Model 100 is 1" and Model 150 is 1-1/2" etc. so #275 should mean 2-3/4" but Tecre does not make that size. It is in fact a 2-3/8" machine and you’re right 2-1/4" do not fit. You need to order 2-3/8" button parts or 2-1/4" BAM buttons. BAM is for badgeaminit but OUCH! don’t buy them there, they’re too expensive. 

 How to identify your button size.  It is possible to simply measure a button but it is often the case that they are not exactly say 2-1/4" even if it is a 2-1/4" machine.  I just measured the diameter of a 2-1/4".  It is 2.198".  And then you have different manufacturers, particularly Dr Don's and Badge-A-Minit make non-standard button sizes.


Model 225 2-2/4" Tecre Button Maker Look for a Model Number!
Identify the Manufacturer!

Button Maker Model Number Identification Closeup


Step 1.  Identify the make / manufacturer of your button maker.  If the model number is not clear identify the button maker by style and colour.

Step 2.  Check for a Model Number.

Step 3  Accurately measure the diameter of a finished button at it's widest point.

Step 4  Checkout the template page to give you an idea of the size of your machine.  here

If you are still in doubt, with all that information ready and preferably with the button maker beside you, call the Button Making Hotline 1866 996 1984 and ask the Button Guy

  Ask the button guy!  He's the expert!