Badge-A-Minit Button Parts - The Button Guy Blog July 13 2011

 Badge-A-Minit Button parts are NOT compatible with other size button parts.  This is bad news for people with badge-a-minit button makers because they are more expensive than standard button parts.  You cannot use standard button parts in a badge-a-minit hobby kit or machine!

Size Tips!   Badge-A-Minit only makes 3 sizes: 1-1/4", 2-1/4" and 3"

The 1-1/4" BAM size is not compatible with the Tecre standard 1-1/4" button size even though the difference is minimal.

The 2-1/4" BAM is in fact 2-3/8" and the cut size is 2.75"

The 3" BAM size is a slightly smaller 3" button with a cut-size of 3.377"  

See our size guide here or Ask the Button Guy if you have questions.  If you need help with artwork for Badge-A-Minit sizes you can buy a simple program for Badge-A-Minit sizes here: Button Builder software

If you need anything Badge-A-Minit: supplies, machines, accessories click here

Examples of Badge-A-Minit Button Makers