What Size Button Maker do I need. What size buttons are good for what purpose. September 23 2011

When thinking about buying a button maker the first question is WHAT SIZE?

There are many sizes and various shapes for buttons.  Round are the most cost effective but oval, rectangular, square and oblong are all useful for different effects.

Worlds smallest button size  Size comparison.  The smallest buttons available.

Checkout the button size list here This will give you an idea of all 21 sizes of buttons available and you can download templates for making your artwork.

But what size button should I make? Here are a few examples.  These are not rules they are just a guide of what the majority of button makers are doing.

1-1/4",2-1/4" & 3" buttons with coin for size comparison 1-1/2" button with coin for size comparison 2-1/4" button with coin for size comparison
Left image shows 1-1/4", 2-1/4" and 3" buttons with toonie for size comparison. The centre image shows 1-1/2" pinback with toonie. The right image shows a 2-1/4" button.

Round buttons - Usually the most cost effective buttons!

7/8" - Cute japanese comic buttons. 

1" - Band Buttons or Music related buttons are most commonly 1"

1-1/4" or sometimes 1-1/2" are often used for designer buttons or "One of a kind" show buttons.

1-1/2" - Very popular middle size

1-3/4" - Small election buttons

2-1/4" - Most common button of all.  Good for Elections but also good for small photo buttons.  Most common size for daycare centres, schools and events where kids are making their own designs with markers etc and you put it in a button for them.

3" / 3-1/2" - Most common for large election buttons.  Mirror buttons.  Most popular sizes for photo buttons where you take a photo and put it in a button - great for Hockey or Football team buttons.

6"  Great for clock buttons.

Square, rectangular oblong and oval button shapes.

1" Square - Cute Designer buttons - square shape is quite unusual, makes them stand out!

1-3/4"x2-3/4" - Rectangular or Oblong - Great for business card buttons and magnets

1-3/4" x 2-3/4" oval - Very cool retro style

2" sq, 3" sq, 2"x3", 2-1/2"x3-1/2" rectangular - All very popular for fridge magnets and larger business buttons like "Ask me about......."


Still cannot decide your size?

One point is that a big button will be worn on the day at the "event". But a big button will be taken off as soon as people get out of the building.  A smaller more subtle button can be worn for weeks after the "event".  Good idea is to have BIG staff buttons and then smaller buttons for visitors.

 If you're still in doubt you can always ask the button guy! 

Ask the button guy - He's the button making expert.  He's the expert!