Question: What's a good button maker for magnets and will it actually hold a piece of paper to the fridge? October 09 2012 1 Comment

What's a good button maker machine and how much paper does a button magnet / fridge magnet hold up on the fridge?


Kim: Thanks for your website. Still need help. Looking for a nice machine that I would use mainly for fridge magnets. Also what magnet to use that will actually hold a piece of paper like on the fridge. Have had some that can't do it.

The Button Guy:
What size magnets are you making? Even if you are undecided, give me an idea. The 1” round machine is small but with a ceramic magnet will hold up to 7 letter size photocopy sheets on a fridge. Whereas the standard 1” sticky back magnets will only hold 3 letter size sheets on a fridge. But you may be talking 2-1/2” x 3-1/2” so let me know a size.

Kim: Thanks for such a quick response. I am thinking larger buttons like the 2 1/2".

Magnet button maker    The Red and black machine is great for magnets.

The Button Guy: 2-1/2” has magnets and holds 7 sheets of letter size paper on a fridge. This is with the 4.5mm improved magnets from Button Giant. The standard 3.3mm magnets that most vendors have hold 4 sheets. (Will vary a bit according to fridge). Here’s a link to the parts page for 2-1/2” on Button Giant. They have 2 button maker kits: Or with the graphic punch: Let me know if you have further questions.

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Kim: Thanks Button Guy

The Button Guy: No worries and here's a link to a YouTube video: How to make a button magnet