Hi Button Guy! Can I refrain from using Mylar material? Can I use thin fabric with beautifull patterns instead of printed paper design? And most of all I wonder how much pressure will be applied on the fabric since it has fragile particles that could be d October 13 2012

Hi Vlad

Yes you can make buttons without mylar.  But not all fabric is suitable for making buttons.  You need fabric with a high tensile strength.  Otherwise tearing can be a problem, buttons tear at the edge.

The only way to go is to test a piece of fabric.  The button making process does not put alot of pressure on the fabric so I don’t think that’s a problem, but like I say……TEST a piece of the fabric that is less important.  Use a piece of mylar as a guide for cutting your fabric with scissors unless you have a rotary cutter.  Graphic punches that often come in button making kits do not work with fabric.

Let me know how it goes.