Are you familiar with the Artec Button Maker? October 17 2012

Melissa: Are you familiar with the Artec Button Maker? I can't find anything about it anywhere...excepts its listings on ebay. Thank you!

The Button Guy: The Artec Button Maker is something I have not heard of. I looked at the ebay pictures and I see it has the standard dies and base of any of the run of the mill Chinese button makers with a fancier handle. This probably means that whilst they call it a 1-1/4” it will in fact be a European size 38mm machine. If this is the case the biggest issue is the button parts tend to be expensive. Whilst I have never tested this particular machine it looks identical to Chinese button makers I have tested (apart from the handle) and the other issues are you see it has a white plastic base for the dies. This will wear and after a while often does not line up with the top die anymore. These machines certainly do not have the longevity of a solid metal made in USA button maker which usually will still be good in 20 years.

But back to the main issue: Expensive button parts but not only that, the Chinese button parts are a bit cheesy, very light metal, plastic backs for some sizes, stick on pins sometimes, depending on size and generally just not as cool as your standard Made in USA button. Note the white plastic backs in the photo! The difference in quality of the keychains, fridge magnets and mirrors etc these machines produce are worlds apart. But none of these are included in the kit anyway.
So if you want a low volume hobby kit it could be an option but then when I look around you can get a T150 machine that takes standard, low cost buttons for under $200:
But if you’re more serious about button making I would recommend an all metal American made machine but you will need to spend $300 or more!