Bust a Move! January 17 2013


Treasure the Chests in Your Life

The women behind "Treasured Chests" asked us to create some buttons for their team by altering their underwater treasure chest scene (above) to replace the starfish with breast cancer research ribbons. No challenge is too difficult when you've got People Power and these ladies are living proof!

Team "Treasured Chests" is a group of 10 fine ladies who are busting moves to raise $10,000 for breast health initiatives in their hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia (where the Bust a Move for Breast Health initiative began in 2010). Since its conception, over $2 million has been raised towards creating a comprehensive Breast Health Centre in Nova Scotia. With the funds raised from Bust a Move 2013, the next phase of the Centre will see two vital clinics moving into the space: high risk genetics and re-construction.


Thanks to the generosity of donations from friends and family, success with some fun fund-raisers (including Zumba classes, Christmas basket raffles, bakes sales, and themed parties through Avon, Pampered Chef, and their own gold/silver party), the Treasured Chests are so very close to reaching their goal, if you'd like to help you can do so through their donation page on the bust a move website.

If donating isn't an option, go out and bust a move on the dance floor! The positive impact of exercise on overall body health and disease prevention is well documented in scientific research :) Other less sweaty, cancer-preventing and reducing strategies have been presented in the breakthrough documentary "Forks Over Knives", which Dr. Oz says should be seen by everyone. Knowledge is power! Go Team!

If you'd like to register your own team, you can sign up online in Halifax and Other Cities in Canada


Connect & Spread the Word:


* Bust a Move For Breast Health on Twitter and Facebook

* www.bustamove.ca

* Donate to the Treasured Chests Campaign - they've got cool buttons! hehe