Home Aga!n with The Mu$ic Biz ;) January 29 2013

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Buttons to Bring Your "Home Again"

Look at these cool custom buttons we made for Hungry Eyes Film and Television Inc, an award winning production house based in Toronto, Ontario. Home Again is a contemporary feature film that they produced and had its World Premiere at The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), but they certainly don't stop at films! Their eyes are now hungry for the mobile world and the team has created a new gaming app called The Mu$ic Biz which allows gamers to create their own tracks and build their music empire.

Download it here for free!


Hungry Eyes will also soon be launching a contest - the winner will get paid to create a 20 second track to be used in the game alongside already created tracks by great hip hop producers such as Alchemist, Jake One, Marco "Polo" Bruno, and Frank Dukes -to name a few. Be sure to check it out!

Characters from the game are picture on the gaming buttons above (the cartoon people on solid black backgrounds).






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