Bring Pin-back Buttons to Clothing February 06 2013

Making your own Custom Buttons for Jackets, Accessories and Furniture

It is certainly confusing when writing about buttons.  At People Power Press we call pin-back buttons "buttons" and we think of them as buttons but more commonly the word "buttons" refer to what do up your shirt.  This is the kind of button that I am about to write about (and yes, you can make them using pin-back button supplies and a button maker).

 furniture buttons 

Using pin-back button supplies and a button maker you can make your own buttons for clothing, accessories and furniture.  

What You Will Need: 
- Shell
- Paper artwork and Mylar OR Fabric (no mylar necessary)
- Center Hole (the back)
- Welded Up Eye (goes through the centre hole)
- Button Maker
*Note: Welded up eyes have a strange name but are a great little attachment for button making and a simple way to add a loop to a button for an assortment of crafting.  

pin-back buttons for clothing

1. Place shell and artwork in pick up die of button maker.
2. a) Place centre hole face down in the crimp die of button maker. b) Place welded up face down into center hole. 
3.  Press.  

Once pressed sew thread through the metal loop of the welded up eye onto your desired surface.  This is a great way to customize your jacket, pillows or couch, and other accessories.  


 clothing buttons