Question: Are the tecre machine molds interchangable or are the units fixed? February 15 2013

Hi  Yes Tecre or all good button makers are fixed.  There are 2 problems with interchangeable die button makers.

  1.  Interchangeable die button makers use a plastic base for the die carrier.  After a short time this wears and the button maker no longer lines up properly.  All good button makers are single die non-interchangeable and they last 25 years.
  2. The 2 common manufacturers of multi die machines are BadgeAminit or of Chinese origin.  Made in China button makers are not North American standard but European standard with sizes in millimetres.  (a) They are very expensive  (b) They are not well made, often using glued pins or white plastic backs.  Badge-A-Minit button parts are equivalent to standard North American Button Parts but they are up to 3 x the price.


I would always recommend a solid metal button maker, no plastic parts (on the button maker or the button parts) and the button maker should be of a standard North American size so that you can use cheap, good quality button parts.  At the end of the day your customers, clients or purchases of your buttons don’t care how you made your buttons.  But they do want an excellent quality all metal button and you want to produce that at the best price – so get a Tecre Button Maker.

Plastic parts in a button maker

Looks all very well but the white plastic base will wear out pretty quickly and the button maker will not align any more


Tecre Button Maker

All metal, solid steel, no plastic – How a button maker should be!


Tecre button maker

Tecre button maker with the distinctive black with red handle.

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