How to Make a Recipe Magnet February 28 2013







Recipe on a magnet - Fridge ready!





Recipe Fridge Magnet

I often have the problem of forgetting where I found a great a great recipe.  I always plan to write it out, or print it from the internet but even then, where should one store it.  So the other day I had the idea to make one into a fridge magnet - what better spot for a recipe!!

Type-writer Magnet 



I decided to use my old fashioned type-writer because it is fun to use and also looks cool. 




square graphic punch 


 square magnet parts 

Then I cut it out using a 3" square graphic punch and got my button parts assembled for a 3" square magnet.  You need a shell, mylar, unpinned back and a magnet


square button maker

Then pressed my magnet with my 3" Square Button Maker and now I will never have to search all over the world again for this recipe. P.S. You should try it, it is delicious!