Ingenious Storage Containers: Marketing with Magnets! January 28 2016

Our friends at Ingenious Storage Containers had a predicament. How could they add their branding to the storage containers they were selling?

Stickers could do the trick, but they'd probably get peeled off as soon as the container arrives at its new home. And nobody likes that sticky residue that gets left behind.

Then, they had it! The perfect solution: Ingenious Storage Magnets!

Ingenious Storage Magnets

Ingenious came to us at People Power Press with their custom magnet request, and we thought it was a great idea! After all, their steel containers, cabinets, and storage lockers are the perfect canvas for a custom magnet!

They weren't sure how their magnets would be received by their customers, but from the sounds of it, they're a big hit already! The magnets are even finding their way from storage containers to the fridge. I'd like to see a sticker try and do that! :)

Container Fridge Magnets for Ingenious Storage

You can find all of Ingenious Storage Containers' products on their website!

You can also check out Ingenious on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and stay in the loop of everything storage containers!

Great stuff, Ingenious Storage Containers. Your custom magnets not only look amazing, but are an awesome marketing idea :)