Compulsion Games, Inc: Contrast Video Game Buttons March 20 2013


custom video game buttons, 7/8" custom buttons 

7/8" Custom Buttons for Compulsion Games, Inc Video Game: Contrast!


Compulsion Games, Inc, a Montreal based, small independent video game studio that is working on an upcoming game called ContrastContrast is a story about a little girl, Didi, and her imaginary friend Dawn.  Normally, Didi and Dawn run around in a beautiful film noir, 1920s 3D world, but she also has the power to turn into her shadow at will, and run on a 2d landscape to help Didi out.

The button design is an iconic shot of Dawn's shadow running through the world and also the icon for the game - when you play it, that's the icon you'll double click. The design was made by their concept artist, Whitney Clayton, who works with them full time making outstanding art.  Her personal website is being refurbished, but you can always get in touch with her through their website :)