Kids' Lit Quiz: Fundraising with Buttons March 23 2016

Who said, "Nibble, nibble, like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house"?

If you said "The Witch in Hansel and Gretel," you're not only correct, but you might even have what it takes to hold your own in the Kids' Lit Quiz


What is Kids' Lit Quiz?

Kids' Lit Quiz is a literature competition for children ages 10 to 13. Quizzes take place in countries all over the world, like Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and South Africa just to name a few. Teams compete nationally, and the winners come together annually for the World Finals!

Wayne Mills, the founder of Kids' Lit Quiz is SUPER passionate a books. If reading was a sport, he would definitely be the #1 fan!

Here's Where the Buttons Come In:

Kids' Lit Quiz loves buttons too!

Every competitor gets a "Quiz Whiz" custom 2-1/4" button, and other custom buttons are sold to help raise money, as they are a charitable foundation.

The buttons started off in our shop in Toronto just a few weeks ago, and have already been to Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Hamilton! Spreading the love of reading AND the love of buttons, yay!!


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