Matte Buttons Or Glossy! May 24 2013

 Matte Finish, Gloss Finish 

I wanted to post a photo that Illustrates the difference between a matte and glossy finish for button-making.  The matte button examples are pictured on the left, and the glossy buttons are on the right.  Notice how the gloss finish is reflective and allows the colors to "pop" or appear brighter and the matte finish produces a more subdued feel with very little sheen.  Which one you choose will depend on the effect you wish to achieve.

Gloss buttons are created by using standard transparent, high-gloss mylar over top of your artwork and matte buttons are created using laminated artwork (see below) and do not require mylar.  Button-making mylar is currently only available in high-gloss but we and button makers alike are hoping that soon that won't be the case.  Bring on the matte!

Lamination, Matte Finish