Nature Canada engages youth to Naturehood with "Official Guardian of Nature" Buttons August 01 2013

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Lac Deschênes - Ottawa River Important Bird Area Guardian of Nature Custom Buttons!


 Lac Deschênes Ottawa River Important Bird Area (IBA) is one of 600 sites across Canada recognized internationally for its importance to birds. However this IBA is particularly interesting because it is found along the Ottawa River right in the heart of the National Capital region. This site is a significant resting spot for migrating waterbirds and there is always something interesting to see along the Ottawa River.

Nature Canada calls this site Naturehood and they are working to connect Ottawa and Gatineau residents to the nature in their own backyard. These “Guardian of Nature” buttons will be a great way to engage youth in the Naturehood program by proclaiming them an “official Guardian of Nature.” 


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