Adorable Magnets by Light Graph Jr. July 11 2016

These custom 1-1/2" magnets are enough to make anyone smile!

Light Graph Photography is a Photography Studio owned by Pamela Kelly who specializes in dance, newborn, maternity, and lifestyle photography. On top of that, Light Graph is also home to a hidden gem.


1-1/2" Magnets, Custom Magnets, Light Graph, Pamela Kelly, Light Graph Jr.

Light Graph Jr. is made up of artwork masterfully crated by Pamela Kelly's children. Currently carrying a line of totally adorable greeting cards, Light Graph Jr. has officially expanded into the magnet market!

 Custom 1-1/2" Magnets, Custom Magnets by People Power Press, Light Graph, Pamela Kelly, Light Graph Jr.

Whether you're in need of a photo session, or some robot magnets, you can check out everything Pamela Kelly's up to on Facebook, Instagram, and on the Light Graph and Light Graph Jr. Website. 


If you have a little artist of your own, you can drop by the shop and Make-A-Button with us!