Big Buttons for a Big Idea: Toy Lending Library Introduced in Calgary's Growing Sunalta Community Hub February 01 2018

Sunalta is a community in central Calgary, Alberta that is home to a thriving community hub full of great activities and services for all of its residents.  And the hub is about to expand with another awesome service for members of the community - a Toy Lending Library!!

calgary buttons

The new Sunalta Toy Lending Library will be open on February 20th - with these big 4-inch buttons - and will offer educational and age-appropriate toys, as well as seasonal equipment, for a low annual fee. Residents can even volunteer their time to help run the library to have that fee waived.

Lending libraries are a great way for families and caregivers to access a variety of toys without the cost of buying them new. You also won't have to clutter up your home with lots of toys and are able to reduce your environmental impact by sharing and reusing toys, all while building community.   

The Sunalta Community Association and the Community Hub Project

The Sunalta Community Association has been operating since 1954 and is up to lots of great community initiatives, including the Sunalta Community Hub Project in partnership with the United Way of Calgary and Area, The City of Calgary and the Rotary Club of Calgary. You can learn more about this initiative.

Community hubs are common, accessible spaces where all members of a community can come together to share ideas and leadership and access a variety of services and programs. What is offered in each hub is determined by the unique needs of that community. 

Check out the Sunalta Community Association's great website to see just what they are up to. Maybe there is something here that you could make available to your own community! 

You can also follow them on social media:

Instagram: @sunaltayyc 
Facebook: @Sunalta
Twitter: @SunaltaYYC

Big Buttons to Get Noticed 

4" buttons are big buttons. You only need a few but they are sure to get noticed. If you have questions about our really large buttons (there is also a 6" button!) or custom buttons in general, be sure to let us know