Small Logo Buttons to Support Community Radio Station CJRU (Ryerson) | Custom Buttons Toronto May 29 2018

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We need good sounds around the button shop to keep us going. We have varied tastes around here, so you can find us listening all kinds of music, podcasts and radio! 

So we can honestly say we appreciate the work of community radio stations like Ryerson University's CJRU The Scope. And streaming means so many great community stations are available online so the choices are unlimited. You can check them out wherever you are in the world! (Dooooo it!)

The Scope is a way to connect the campus community at Toronto's Ryerson University, but just a quick look at programming you will see something for everyone, even if you aren't part of Ryerson. Take a listen and you will see what we mean!

The folks at CJRU often show up at events around Toronto so you may see these custom 7/8" logo pins around. There are two great designs and both are perfect examples of what to put on a teeny tiny 7/8" button. There isn't much space, but this super wearable size are a good choice for logo pins that listeners can leave on a coat or bag to show their support. This 7/8" size is the smallest custom button size around and we love it.

We also recently made these custom 7/8" logo pins that popped too with a great and simple design.  

Want your own small logo pins to give your supporters? Get in touch and we will get you what you need!

buttons for Ryerson radio station CJRU

If you would like to find out more about CJRU The Scope, you can find them in all these places:

Twitter: @CJRU1280 
Facebook: @ScopeatRyerson 
Instagram: @CJRU1280

If you are looking for a change in your usual listening, we highly recommend checking out their shows!