Custom FIRST Robotics Competition Buttons for Team 2994 The ASTECHZ June 16 2017

FIRST Robotics custom buttons

Ottawa's All Saints High School ASTECHZ robotics team was formed in 2007, but this year has been a big one. The ASTECHZ, also known as Team 2994, traveled to the 2017 FIRST Robotics World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri.

Before they went to the World Championships, they were in Toronto for the Greater Toronto Central Regional FIRST Robotics Canada competition where they won silver.

Before these events they had us make them some big 4" custom buttons that are hard to miss. 

Team 2994 is a group of 25 students who take on various roles including business, manufacturing, design and controls.

This team is just one of the many FIRST Robotics teams that we work with to either help them make their own buttons or to make custom competition buttons for them.

We love the concept of FIRST Robotics. FIRST is an acronym: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology and the program is meant to build valuable skills in science, engineering and technology. The competitions also allow participants to develop self-confidence and leadership. And of course they get to build robots, which is awesome!

So Why Buttons for Robotics Competitions?

Buttons at FIRST Robotics competitions are a bit of a thing, if you aren't familiar with the events. Teams will wear custom buttons to be noticed and will also trade buttons with other teams. When asking another team for buttons to collect, they also have the opportunity to have a conversation with their fellow competitors and share the spirit of friendship. 

Resources to Help You Design Your Own Robotics Buttons!

If you are part of a robotics team and would like to design your own buttons, there are a few great resources to help you do that:

People Power Press Templates - Our very own templates 

Free Online Button Designer - This program is easy to use and will let you print your artwork

Canva - This one isn't specifically for buttons, but is a free program that lets you create great looking designs without being a graphic designer. You would then just put your artwork into one of the button templates above.  

Follow the Adventures of Team 2994 

You can see just what Team 2994 is up to and what they've been making by following them online:

Team 2994's own website

Team 2994 on Facebook

Team 2994 on Twitter