Farm Fishing Protest Buttons | Custom Buttons Nova Scotia November 22 2018

The Nova Scotia government has opened the door to a salmon farm expansion in Liverpool Bay, Nova Scotia, but scientists and local residents are not convinced this is a good idea. 

Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd, a subsidiary of Cooke Aquaculture Inc., has been given an option to lease, which would increase their salmon farming operations dramatically. 

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While approval would still need to be given for the actual lease to be granted, residents and members of the scientific community are sounding the alarm that this would not be a good development for the coastline and environment. 

While the company is currently doing research about the possible expansion, a group called Protect Liverpool Bay will be holding a protest at the Nova Scotia Legislature on Monday, November 26th. They will be wearing these bright yellow custom 1-1/4" protest buttons when they do. 

Beyond the planned protest, they are active online and in the media with mission to educate people about what a larger fish farm could mean for the community and it's environment. The company already operates a smaller farming operation, but it is contended that the expansion would put too much pressure on the are and there has been criticism of how the company currently operates.

If you'd like to learn more about Protect Liverpool Bay and get information about the issue, you can check out their Facebook Page

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Here are links to some media stories to follow coverage of the issue:

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