First Aid and CPR-Certified Buttons to Get Your Medical Message Across Clearly June 13 2018

So does everyone know who has CPR training in your school, business or office? Where is the First Aid kit located? Is it easy to find? Are you traveling with medical equipment and need an easy way to identify it when going through an airport?

Custom medical buttons and magnets can be super useful communication tools in the workplace and various public spaces. Medical buttons and magnets help to easily and clearly communicate important information to people. 

first aid buttons

For example, if you have staff that works with the public, you can ask staff members who have CPR training to wear a CPR-certified pin so that everyone can easily access help if in distress.

You can also have First Aid buttons and magnets visible so employees and the public can access first aid tools quickly. First Aid magnets can be stuck onto cabinets or other magnetic surfaces to make very clear where the First Aid kit and/or supplies are located. 

medical buttons

These custom pins, if designed with clear designs and images can even help those who may not speak the official language or are non-verbal to get help from the right place. 

You can choose from one of our pre-made designs or we can come up with a custom design that works for you to get your medical message across. We recommend a larger mid-size button or magnet like the 2-1/4" size shown here so the message stands out clearly. This is not a job for a small button size.