All Bodies Are Good Bodies at George Brown College | Student Group Buttons February 28 2020

So often how we come to feel about our bodies comes from external perceptions about what is "normal" and what is "different." When "different," our bodies can be discriminated against and policed and oppressed, which is then supported by the internal shame and hatred we end up feeling about our own bodies. And the effect of all of this ripples throughout our communities with far reaching effects. 

George Brown College's Community Care Centre presents Sonya Renee Taylor as a keynote speaker on March 3 to discuss our bodies and our communities with her talk "The Body is Not An Apology." 

all bodies are good bodies loreto duran

Based on her book by the same name, Taylor is out to promote a philosophy of radical self-love and how self-love and love for all bodies is an act of community building. She will also be hosting a workshop on March 4 to guide participants on how to practice self-love and dismantle structural and internalized oppression and inequity within ourselves and our organizations.

In honour of these two events, the good people at CCC asked us to make some All Bodies Are Good Bodies buttons featuring the lovely art of Loreto Duran. These buttons are big, beautiful 2.25" Round Matte Buttons that we think are the perfect compliment to this year's keynote address. 

Get tickets to these FREE events here.

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More About Sonya Renee Taylor

Sonya Renee Taylor is an author, poet and motivational speaker who runs The Body Is Not An Apology digital media and education company. She is sought after to speak all over the world and you can see the power of her in action online. 


Instagram: @sonyareneetaylor

Facebook: @sonyareneetaylor

More About the Community Care Centre at George Brown College

The Community Care Centre is a safe(r) space for members of the George Brown College community who care about social justice issues and about each other. It includes and supports six student equity groups. 

Facebook: @communitycarecentre

Instagram: @communitycarecentre