Great Gift Idea: Turn Instagram Memories into Custom Fridge Magnets November 29 2017

The Holidays are a fabulous time to take a moment and think of the year gone by and soon your social media feeds will be jammed with everyone's memories of the past year. But we had a thought - let's take those memories out of a packed Instagram feed, lost when someone keeps on scrolling, and put them somewhere else!

Commemorate the special moments of 2017 with custom photo buttons and magnets made from pics on your Instagram feed!

We had a pretty awesome year so we took just a few of our favourite memories and made square fridge magnets. 

If you want to see what else 2017 involved for us at People Power Press, you can take a peek at our Instagram here :)

Custom Instagram Photo Fridge Magnets

Stay true to the Instagram look with square magnets, or shake it up with round, rectangle, or oval. This a a great and unique way to give friends and families a special gift too!

Simply place a custom magnet order, and send your favorite pictures to us via email at

To save yourself the setup fee, you can also upload your images and size them to the templates on our website, or on the The Online Button Designer!

If you have any questions about ordering special moment buttons or magnets, please don't hesitate to give us a shout at (416) 204-1984 :) We're excited to hear from you!

And let us take this moment to thank all our wonderful button community for helping to make 2017 another super awesome year. We are so grateful to you all and are looking forward to making more memories with you in 2018. :)