Horror Artist Kameron Doyle | Custom Bazaar of the Bizarre Show Buttons December 12 2018

If The Nightmare Before Christmas is more your holiday style then you may be looking for a different kind of craft sale this season. 

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Frostbite is the holiday version of the delightfully unusual craft show that happens throughout the year in Toronto. 

toronto horror artist

The latest edition is happening on December 15 and features handmade goods from a long list of vendors. One of the wicked vendors is Toronto fantasy and horror artist Kameron Doyle.

Doyle's paintings and sculptures feature a wide range of spooky characters - "anything you were afraid of as a kid." 

She appears with her work at shows throughout the year and has her art put onto other items like these 1.25" round custom buttons we made for her, along with jewelry and other items. She also takes requests for commissioned work.

You can find out more about Doyle and see more work here:

Website: www.kamerondoyle.com 
Facebook: @creaturesbykameron
Instagram: @creaturesbykameron

Custom Buttons - Affordable Products for Artists to Sell 

Custom buttons are a great source of revenue for artists looking to offer affordable products for sale online and at art shows and conventions. Someone may not be able to purchase your original work, but as a fan they can pick up a handful of buttons to collect and pin on. 

Buttons are also not complicated or expensive to ship so they are also another affordable product for artists to sell online on Etsy and other online stores.

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