How To Recreate Buttons for Print or Screen November 01 2019

The buttons we make are usually meant to be used at real events, but we do often get requests to recreate buttons for print and screen. 

One recent example came in recreating buttons for an election guide for the federal election put out by Macleans and that also appeared in their Nov. 1st issue.

election guide buttons

Seeing that Toronto also has a thriving film and television industry, we often make buttons that will appear on screens big and small. 

It is really easy to recreate buttons, but there are some special considerations when making buttons that will appear on screen or in print. 

1. Avoid Glare with Matte Finish 

Standard buttons are made using a plastic covering to give them a glossy look. When used on screen, you may get unwanted reflections off of glossy buttons so you may want to consider using a matte laminate finish.

It depends on how the buttons will be used in the production. If standing in a crowd in a rally scene or election scene then you may prefer the authenticity of the glossy finish, but if you need to see what the button says clearly and not run the risk of getting some glare off the button, then a matte finish is the way to go!

2. Unpinned for Flat Lay Photography 

If the buttons will be used for any kind of flat lay photography or filming, you should consider having the buttons made with an unpinned back. The pin in the back of the button sticks out a bit so when standing over a button to take a photo, it will not lay completely flat. This may cause unwanted glare if you are using lighting or a tilt to the button. Having an unpinned button ensures easier photography. 

Looking to add buttons to your next film or media project? Get in touch with us as we have worked with a variety of  productions and publications to get pins on screen or in print. And we also totally understand the unpredictability of production schedules so we will get you screen-ready buttons really quickly!