Introducing Bumper Stickers at People Power Press June 21 2017

You can now get vinyl bumper stickers from us! The bumper sticker is a powerful marketing tool, that is often used for advertising and political campaigns. 

I bet you didn't know that the world's first bumper sticker was created in the mid-1940s by a screen printer from Kansas named Forest Gill. What the history's first car decal actually looked like is unknown. But Gill was certainly on to something with his sticky bumper signs!

Vintage Bumper Sticker Everglades National Park

Tourist attractions became Gill's first big clients. They quickly realized the advertising potential in using cars as moving billboards. The car owners didn't mind sticking a message on their bumper, they would even pay for it! The bumper sticker was seen as a nice souvenir, a physical memory to cherish (and maybe to show off to the neighbors back home).

Political vintage bumper sticker, presidential election of 1956 'We like and we'll stick with Ike and Dick'

In the 1950s, political bumper stickers became increasingly popular. In time for the re-election of Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, these now vintage 1956 'We Like Ike and Dick' stickers were seen on many cars. Ever since, bumper stickers have played a crucial part in every election.

People Power Press Vinyl Bumper Sticker I Did Not Vote For Him 2016
Donald Trump Vinyl Bumper Sticker from People Power Press


Today, bumper stickers are often seen in a negative light. Research even shows that people who decorate their cars are more likely to express road rage than other drivers.

But before social media arrived, bumper stickers might have been one of very few ways for ordinary Joe to convey a message to a public audience.

Still in the digital age, bumper stickers provide a way for drivers to not only share the road, but also their opinions, personality and the occasional gag with fellow drivers.

Maybe you have smirked at a "My other car is a Porsche" bumper sticker, or been reminded of proper road etiquette by a "Don't drink and drive" or "Hang up and drive" decal.

People Power Press Vinyl Bumper Sticker Distracted Driving Accept or Decline
Distracted Driving Vinyl Bumper Sticker from People Power Press


Not to forget all the variations of "Honk if you..." bumper stickers! Its origin story dates back to the 1970's and the Watergate scandal. Back then, D.C drivers who wanted President Nixon impeached put the message “Honk if you think he’s guilty” on their bumpers.

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