Making Your Brand Look Its Best with The Marchant Co. | Small Business Branding Buttons Canada November 11 2019

While most small business owners understand the importance of building a strong brand, not all know how to actually create it. 

We know our biz, but need help to share that with the world with some polish and shine.

This is where Oakville's The Marchant Company comes in, to offer a full suite of services including logo and website design, trade show printing and branding consultancy. 

oakville graphic design branding

Just like these fantastic-looking 1.75" matte finish buttons (this is a branding company after all!), The Marchant Co. is working with you so that you can Make It Happen with your business.

They are really passionate about working with a variety of small businesses across Ontario to build strong brands, allowing each business put their best foot forward. 

So what is Matte Finish anyway?

Matte Finish is an option we offer on most custom button shapes and sizes. It is a laminated finish that is a cool and modern alternative to the traditional glossy finish you see with most buttons. You don't get shine with a matte button. It looks great and costs just a bit more than the standard gloss finish.

We made a number of black and white designs for The Marchant Co. buttons and they all look super sophisticated to match the rest of the company's branding. Yup, they really do know what they are doing with this branding and design thing. 

To learn more about The Marchant Company and the many small businesses they work with, you can find them in these places:

Facebook: @bethmarchant 
Instagram: @bethmmarchant