Modernizing the School Library with Unleash The Library Project | Custom Buttons Toronto December 05 2019

Parent Councils at two Toronto public schools are looking to bring the school library experience into the 21st century with the ambitious and fantastic Unleash the Library project

The Annette Street Public School and High Park Alternative Junior School parent councils have launched a project to create a Library Learning Commons that is a positive, inclusive environment that pushes past the traditional library model. This new space would still include books, but also include a makerspace, support STEM learning and embrace the digital world of the 21st Century. 

 makerspace toronto school project

This is a model that has been created successfully at other Toronto-area schools so the parent councils are looking to raise funds among the community to create the Library Learning Commons for their students. 

And to help fundraising efforts among the schools, along with getting students excited about the project and sharing the project with their families, they had these awesomely adorable 1" buttons made. If these buttons are any indication of what is in store for the new library space, then the students are in for something very special.

tdsb modern library in school toronto

The 1-inch button is a great size for a project like this as these small buttons are super wearable and sharable, which is the purpose for making these buttons - to raise awareness, funds and excitement for the project. 

The whole plan, along with images and the roll out in phases, is all laid out in full on the project's website. There is also a very detailed description of what each donation will be used for.