New Sizes Available for the Flex1000 Multi-Die Button Maker | Multi Size Button Maker May 30 2019

You've asked if there will be any other sizes for our popular Flex1000 hobby button maker and finally we can say YES!

The only all-metal button maker that makes more that one size now just got even better. There are TWO new sizes - 1-1/2" and 1-3/4"!!

cheap button maker that works

This robust entry-level button maker is the perfect machine for anyone looking to make a little bit of everything. Being made without any plastic parts, this machine is the sturdiest hobby maker out there and by being a multi-size button maker - you change the dies to make different sizes of buttons - it is also among the most versatile button maker. 

The new sizes - 1.5" and 1.75" - now join the 1", 2.25" and 3" sizes that the FLEX1000 button maker makes. 

If you already have a Flex1000 machine you can just purchase one (or both) of the sizes as an add-on package that includes button parts and the cutter. 

Adding to the versatility of this hobby maker, you can choose to start with just the standard 2.25" start-up kit or you can choose to get every size available all at once. 

The Flex 1000 button maker is a hobby maker as it is perfect for making small amounts of buttons at a time. If you are a business or a school or anyone looking to make lots of buttons at a time or over a long period, then you still should consider buying one of our standard button makers

Check out this video to see the Flex1000 in action:


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